Lower Multnomah Falls in Green, Violet and Blue #Strathmore, #MGratham #Watercolor

This week we painted waterfalls!  I used a photograph I'd taken of the lower Multnomah Falls.  I used the plastic wrap technique to get some texture, but ended up smoothing a lot of it out.

Painted on an eighth size sheet of Strathmore Imperial with Silver Black Velvet Brushes, 1 inch flat, and size 6 round.  Colors used were M. Graham Ultramarine Blue & Quinacridone Violet, and Qor Green Gold.  My first time using this paper, which is one of Strathmore's other professional grade watercolor papers, and the first time I tried using this particular mix of colors.  I don't quite like the mix, but I think it's close to a triad I would like, so I'll have to play around to find a better blend of colors.