Saved or Not Saved? #Watercolor #LineAndWash #MixedMedia

I saved the worst for last.  I was trying to used the negative painting technique.  Usually, I can just start with a vague idea in mind, and ideas start pouring in as I paint.  Not this time, lol.

Line and wash and some Gellyroll pen seemed like the best way to save this.

Using a Pigma Micron, I picked out outlines of tree trunks and foliage.  NOTE: I did this on Cold Press Arches watercolor, which has a rough enough texture that it RUINS the fabric tip of a Micron pen.  I always save pens that are running out of ink for jobs like this, because they'll be worthless after the line work is done.

Then I went through the painting with the Micron and added texture and shading.  I think I could have stopped here, but I knew I could add some interest with Gellyroll gel ink pens.

I couldn't get a very good photograph or scan, though for once, I did capture some of special effects.  Too much so.  The Silver Shadow Green ink only stands out like this with certain lighting.

I used Stardust blues, purples and greens in the water, and in real life, the water now sparkles as water does in the light.  I used flourescent vermillion to add a sunlight glow, and metallic purple for shadows.  The Silver Shadow Green gives a phosphorescent look that changes as you move the painting in the light--almost like those 3D stickers.  

This would qualify as Mixed Media at this point.  It doesn't look too good in the photo, but I think it's much improved in the real thing.  Did I save it?  Hmmmm.  It's still not one of my favorites.