Journal52 2016 Week 2-Saying Yes; Saying No #Journal52 #Pentalic #Gellyrolls

This year, under Effy Wild's management, there are two Journal52 prompts each week.  Both are related, but different, because people are different and different things appeal to each.

This week was to examine what we are 'Saying Yes to in 2016' or alternatively what we are 'Saying No to in 2016.  I decided to go with both, lol, because while the two aren't totally inverse to one another, doing one can definitely help with the other.

So I'm saying 'No!' to winter blues and 'Yes!' to unlocking the sunshine within.

Sakura of America's Gellyroll pens in a Pentalic Traveler Midnight sketchbook.  It's getting harder and harder to get a good photograph in this book because it doesn't lie flat and the pages curl after you've used the pens on them.  There is so much curve in different directions I end up with strange angles.  Oh well.  The book is great to actually work in with these pens.  It's just photographing later that's a pain.