Roses in a Vase Monoprint #Monoprinting #Watercolor #Grafix

I decided to try monoprinting on Grafix Impress Monoprint Plates, a thick acetate of the type you use for overheads, etc (for those who remember back in the days where we used such things).  I wanted to see how they differed from plexiglass.

Not a whole lot. They are much lighter and you can impress designs into them which you can't with the plexi (such impressions are permanent).  But Plexiglass is cheaper, and easier to find.  Both work better if lightly sanded.  I'd favor these plates if I wanted to do the impressions (I'm going to try one) or if I were going to be carrying them around.

Anyhoo, I did my watercolor painting.  This was before I sanded, just to see, so the paint beaded up in places.

I've since learned a trick - spreading a small amount of dishwashing liquid or gum arabic on the surface to make it easier to lift the paint.  I wish I had done that here, but the results weren't too bad. The first pull was on Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook paper.

And the second pull was Clairefontaine Kalligraphie Japon paper. Even though it's light, I like the effect on this one best.