Sandy River Study in Contour Drawing & Values #Watercolor #KDAllegriClass #PrimaryTriad

You may have noticed that I'm really into painting birds at the moment.  This kind of thing happens to me a lot--I sort of obsess over something, and it's like my brain doesn't want to focus on anything else.

Our first day of class, we did contour line drawings and value studies of a photograph that the teacher, Kathy Delumpa Allegri, had taken along the Sandy River, and then did a quick painting.

But I had bird brain.  This should have been an easy little sketch for me to paint.  I've done lots of
paintings like this.  But no.  I struggled and did three versions before coming up with one that I'm even marginally happy with.

It's all in my head and just goes to show.  No matter how much you paint and how often you try not to judge your work, there are just times when you your brain and your muse don't get along, lol!