My Thalo Artist Community Prize Package #Thalo #Koh-i-noor #Pelikan

I won Thalo Art Community's recent Twitter giveaway.  Thalo is an artist community with tons of tutorials in painting, crafts & cooking.  They have a gallery where you can post your work, and regular contests and giveaways.  The site is still in beta stage and, for now at least, everything is free.

So what did I get?

4 colorful Pelikan Erasers
10 pack of Pelikan Text Markers (Highlighters)
4 pack of Extra Soft Pastels
12 pack of Koh-i-noor Progresso Woodlss Color pencils
A bottle of Schmincke Gouache Binder for making Gouche colors
4 tubes of Grumbacher Watercolor
3 pack of #4 Grumbacher Golden Edge brushes
Size 14 Grumbacher Academy Natural round watercolor brush
3/4 Grumbacher Academy Natural oval wash watercolor brush
A TriTone Colored Pencil & Blender
A Koh-i-noor Windsock
Tons of Thalo Artist community stickers

What a haul!