Nuthatch & the Seed #52WeeksofWatercolourBirds #watercolor #DeliberatelyCreative

I'm playing with some new pan watercolors; a mix of Winsor Newton and Sennelier professional paints.  I overworked this painting, trying to get the beak and colors rights, but the pigments are still strong.  On better paper, I think the difference in paint quality would really be something.

The painting was a  challenge to do. It came from a fantastic photo that Mark Bergeron shared on the Facebook group Deliberately Creative, and the photo had exquisite detail.  You'd think that would be helpful, but sometimes blurry is easier to do, lol.

Painted with Winsor & Newton & Sennelier pan colors in a Global Art Materials Field Watercolor Artist Journal Hand Book, 7 by 10-Inch.