Sunday, October 9, 2016

Great Googly Green Heron Week 35 of '52 Weeks of Watercolor Birds' #WorldWatercolorGroup #Mijello #52WeeksOfWatercolorBirds

The reference photo I found at the Morguefile archive, identified this as a Green Heron.  I'm not sure if is because there wasn't a spec of green on the bird. I think this may have been the hardest bird yet because the proportions are so strange!

Done using Mijello Mission Gold Pure Pigment Watercolor Set, Daniel Smith's Iridescent Blue Sapphire and Silver Black Velvet Brushes Round size 6 and size 16.

This bird was done in the Global Art Materials Field Watercolor Artist Journal Hand Book, 7 by 10-Inch that I'm using for the '52 Weeks of Watercolour Birds'.

Copper and Black #Zentangle #Zentangle-InspiredArt #ZentangleAllAround

I shouldn't really have taken the time, but I wanted to do something for the 'Taking it to the Next Level' challenge at the Zent...