Friday, October 21, 2016

Mandala in B&W and Color - #GraphicLiner #Koi #WaterbrushPens

This mandala was done using a Graphic Liner pen and Sakura's Koi Waterbrush Pens in a Grandluxe Earth Care Sketch Book.  (Feel free to right-click, and save the b&w image to print out and color for yourself).

I like this Earth Care sketch book, which I bought on Amazon quite a while ago.  I can't find the same format, and I've ordered Grandluxe's Grandluxe Cream and Blue Monolette Lined and Perforated Blank Notebooks Compact Set, Set of 2, 3.5 x 5.5 Inches to see if it's the same paper.  If it is, I may do a giveaway, though I'll probably have to add something else to it.  These were so cheap, the S&H would be more!

I used Sakura Koi watercolor brushes to color this.  They are great when you want saturated intense color without effort (not so good, if you want tints, muted colors or pale areas).

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