The Hills Have Eyes? #Zentangle #WatercolorGraphite #StillmanAndBirn

I'm allergic to graphite and it doesn't really matter what form it is, pencil, powder or in this case - watercolor. Plus, I don't like the mess it makes when it smears everywhere.

Still, I'm a curious cat, and when I saw the Artgraf watercolor graphite, I decided to try it out, thinking that perhaps the water would keep the dust down, and help with the allergy and the mess.

It did help a bit.  I still got the tickle in my throat, and my eyes watered some, but I don't think it was quite as bad as usual.  It still smeared just a bit.

Some pros and cons.  The brush makes a difference. The main difference with most pencils is in the softness of the lead.  With a brush, you can spread larger amounts of graphite, getting a darker value quickly.  It's difficult to get lines, so you probably wouldn't use it for a line drawing without using ink for the lines as I did here. But with the right brush, you could get lines. You can use a dry brush technique to get a scumbled effect.

The graphite is erasable once it dries, but on this paper at least, it only lightens a bit rather than erasing completely.  

I'd thought about doing a thorough review, but, alas, I don't really want to push the allergy, and this will remain a product I use sparingly.  I do like it better than pencil, but I still prefer shading with my pen.