Sunday, December 11, 2016

Common Pheasant- Week 47 of 52 Weeks of Watercolor Birds #WorldWatercolorGroup #Watercolor #52WeeksOfWatercolorBirds

I really hate doing the last bit of a project.  Even if I'm enjoying the subject overall, I get so impatient to be finished and want to hurry, hurry, hurry.  It's a definite flaw of mine.

It's very hard to relax and just enjoy painting these birds.  Once I'm done with the '52 Weeks of Watercolor Birds' I know I'll paint birds with no problem.  The mind is a very strange thing.

Done with a variety of Senelier, Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith and M Graham watercolors.

This bird was painted in the Global Art Materials Field Watercolor Artist Journal Hand Book, 7 by 10-Inch that I'm using for the '52 Weeks of Watercolour Birds'.

My reference photo came from the Morguefile archive.

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