Landscape in Primatek #Watercolor #WorldWatercolorGroup #Daniel Smith

Playing with the Daniel Smith Primatek set, Mayan Blue, Hematite, Piemontite, Jadeite Genuine, Amythest Genuine.  The set also include Rhodonite Genuine, but I didn't use that color this time around.

The Primatek colors are made with real minerals and don't move very well in water, which makes it a bit difficult to spread the color or build up values.  I was using a rough watercolor paper, and a synthetic/mix, which I don't think helped.  Next time, I'm going to use my Kolinsky and either a smooth cold press paper or a hot press and see if that helps.

Approximately 9x9 inches.  I used a Silver Black Velvet 1 inch flat, 3/4 inch oval and a Da Vinci Cosmotop round, size 4, on Strathmore's Professional 500 Series Gemini Rough