52 Weeks of Watercolor Painting 2017 No. 2 #Watercolor #52WeeksOfWatercolorPainting @StillmanAndBirn

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Whoa! This week's painting was more of a challenge than I expected.  My reference photo didn't have a strong mid-ground.  I didn't think this would be a problem, but I didn't have a clear idea for what I wanted and just started painting.  Sometimes, ideas come as I paint, but it didn't this time.

And I decided to use pre-mixed greens: Sennelier Phthalo Green Light, and Sap Green.  After starting the painting, I realized that I didn't really like these greens.

The addition of Green Gold and my Ultramarine Blue & Burnt Sienna mixes helped a bit, but I that mid-ground never resolved itself.  I fussed and fussed and never quite got the effect I wanted.

In the end, I did a lot of lifting color and went with a more abstract look. I think I captured a good sense of drama in the brush strokes.  I learned a lot about greens and lifting color on Stillman & Birn Beta series paper.

I didn't quite achieve all my goals so I think the most important lesson from this painting is to have goals, and a plan for meeting those goals before you start painting.  If another solution occurs as you paint, the plan can always be changed.

My reference photo came from Pixabay.