Goldie #Watercolor #LegionPaper #Goldfish

This is my first painting in the watercolor journal I made using the Legion Watercolor sampler sheets I bought.  (I apologize to those who already saw this post.  I accidentally posted it when I first wrote it up).

Oddly enough, this particular paper wasn't listed in the samples and the tag simply said 'India Smooth 270 gsm'.  There is more info at the Legion site though, so I discovered about this paper:

  • Handmade in India
  • 100% Cotton
  • Neutral pH 
  • 4 natural deckles
  • Internally & externally sized
The page goes on to say: "...totally produced with a composition comprised of actual cotton rags that are either remnants from the garment industry or medical supply sectors."

India is a handmade paper so 'smooth' isn't all that smooth.  The paper is soft, absorbent and has knots and texture.  It's a fun paper to use, but you'll be disappointed if you expect it to behave like Arches or Fabriano.  Color is a more opaque because of the absorbency, and you may get hard edges that you didn't expect.

You will get a painting with lots of character.

My reference photo came from Pixabay.

I used Qor Transparent Pyrrole Orange (P071), M Graham Cobalt Teal (PB28), Sennelier Phthalo Green Deep (PB15:3/PG7) and Daniel Smith New Gamboge (PY97/PY110).  Brushes used were Silver Black Velvet rounds size 6 and 16.