52 Weeks of Watercolor Painting 2017 No. 6 #Watercolor #52WeeksOfWatercolorPainting @StillmanAndBirn

I think I've found a good match!

The Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook paper has some definite qualities that affect the way you use watercolor.  Mijello Mission Gold watercolors have some definite qualities the affect the way you use them.  While painting this I noticed that the qualities for both seem to work well together.  I think I'll switch to these paints for my '52 Weeks of Watercolor Painting 2017'.

For the last three weeks I've only had time for quick studies, but this week I was able to spend more time and really build up my values.  I'm getting the hang of the Dynasty Gold 3/8 inch Dagger brush so I felt more secure with my strokes.

Mijello Mission Gold Pure Pigment Lemon Yellow, Permanent Yellow Deep, Prussian Blue, Bamboo Green, Perylene Maroon, Yellow Ochre #2.

My reference Photo came from Pixabay.

I'm using a Stillman and Birn 9x12 Beta series wirebound sketchbook for all my '52 Weeks of Watercolor Paintings 2017'.