Mini Review: Pigma Micron PN Pens #Sakura #Micron #Zentangle

When I saw that Sakura had come out with a new version of the Pigma Micron I had to try it out.  I immediately purchased the 'Sakura Pigma Micron PN, Assorted Colors, 8PC Set'.

So what is different about this set as opposed to the fiber tipped Pigma Micron that we all love and are used to?  The ink is still quick drying, waterproof, fade resistant, archival and pH neutral according to the Sakura website.  I'll be testing that out over the next few weeks.

The difference is in the nib.  It's a hard plastic that is more durable than the fiber tip.  I have used other brand pens with similar nibs, but none of them had the Pigma Micron ink, so I'm excited to see how these hold up.

All the pens in this set have the same size nib.  Info on the site says that you can get a fine or medium line width (0.4mm to 0.5mm) by varying the pressure.  I found that I could vary the line size, but haven't quite learned how to do it on demand yet.

The 8 piece set has pens in black, red, blue/black, blue, sepia, rose, burgundy and purple.

Many people who are into Zentangle often comment that they like the 'scritch' sound that the pen makes as it moves across the paper.  I did my drawing on a smoother paper (Clairefontaine dot grid) than the official Zentangle tile but got plenty of scritch.  I suspect this will please some and others not so much.

I think the coverage is a bit more solid than you get with the traditional fiber tip, but that could have as much to do with tip size as with the new nib.

The fiber-tipped microns will still be a staple in my art supplies - at least until this plastic nibs can give me a .005 line - but I'll also have the PN pens for when I want bolder, faster coverage.