Quick Studies in Watercolor #Watercolor #DanielSmith #WetInWet

For the last class of winter watercolor class, we just played with the paint.  We did several 5 - 15 minute paintings, playing with the wet-in-wet technique.

Most of what I did wasn't worth posting.  I didn't use any reference photos, just pulled something from my head. It's funny.  I draw this way all the time, but almost never do it when I'm painting. When drawing, I often use color, and often use a brush pen, but to do the same thing with watercolor or acrylic is much more difficult for me.  Probably because I usually have something specific in mind before I start to paint, whereas I usually just start drawing and then decide what it should be.  Ain't the human brain funny?

And what is that creature in the third painting? I think he might be a fox by way of a kangaroo, lol!