Tommy Perfume Bottle in Watercolor #Watercolor #Stonehenge #LegionPaper

We were doing studies of glass in watercolor class.  I was halfway done before I realized that there was a big glob of dried glue or something on my paper.  I had placed my paper in a large mailing envelope, and I think some of the adhesive had stuck to the paper

Quelle Horreur!

It was mostly on the background.  This Stonehenge Aqua is tough paper though, so I felt I could resolve the problem.  I used several layers of paint and salt, and managed to cover up the spots, though the top of the bottle is still a bit odd.  I'm a little proud of myself for the save, lol.

Want to see just how tough this paper is?  Check out this review by Owings Art - he does things to the paper that should be illegal, lol.  And then, if you haven't entered to win three 22x30 inch sheets of Stonehenge Aqua paper already, come back to my blog post here (U.S. only, sorry).