Mini Review of Magnani Italia watercolor paper #Watercolor @LegionPaper #MagnaniItalia

Permanent Rose, Indian Yellow, and Phthalocyanine Green on Aquarello Magnani Italia 140# Cold Press watercolor paper.

This is another one of the watercolor papers that was included with the Legion Paper Watercolor sampler.

This is an interesting paper.  This painting was an exploration of negative painting with both hard and soft edges.  The paper was thoroughly saturated on both sides, but even though I did not tape it down, there was only a little curling, whih straightened out on its own, once the paper was dry.

While using it, I was thinking that it was a bit like print-making paper, so I wasn't surprised when I read on the website that it is used for that purpose.

It has a soft surface, almost a cloth-like texture, especially when it is wet.  I did this in my watercolor cloth, and three different people remarked on that.  The color exploded but didn't sink in immediately, so both hard and soft edges were easy to control.

I could not lift color - but I used colors that are difficult to lift and I'm not sure how much of the problem was paper and how much was pigment.  I'll have to get more of this paper so I can do more testing.  I quite like it.

Information from the Legion Paper website:

Acquerello is a range of 100% cotton Italian mouldmade watercolor papers available in two weights and surface textures.  This range was created specifically with wet media application in mind, however it differs from its counterpart watercolor papers (it is not as hard and stiff to the touch).

The cold press (Italia) is unique in that it doesn't have the deep texture of most cold press watercolor papers. This lends itself to be a paper that has overlapping suitability for other mediums such as graphite, colored and watercolor pencil, pastel, charcoal, tempura and acrylic.

It has also found its way into printmaking being suitable for both etching and intaglio. The paper is not heavily sized, therefore it does not require long soaking times.

The hot press (Portofino) has the same sizing characteristics as the CP surface but offers a surface that is appropriate for pen and ink, calligraphy, pencil and silkscreen.

This is a streamlined range of watercolor paper that provides the artist unlimited versatility for multiple mediums.

Specifications:                                                                  Applications:
Mouldmade in Italy                                                           Pastel & Charcoal
100% Cotton                                                                     Hand Lithography
Neutral pH                                                                        Intaglio
Acid Free                                                                          Platinum Printing
Chlorine Free                                                                    Silkscreen
4 deckles (sheets)                                                             Watercolor
Internally & externally sized for watercolor
Specialty Paper