Night Lilies #Watercolor #LineAndWash #Tombow

Sometimes, when you are creating it can feel as though you are wrestling alligators.

That's how it was with Night Lilies.  I had two goals in mind - discovering whether Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen ink was waterproof, and trying out Saunders Hot Press watercolor paper.

I started by doing this line drawing. using the Fudenosuke brush pens.  No problem there.

However, when I started painting over the ink, using Mijello Mission Gold Lemon Yellow, my flowers turned a horrible yellow green.

The ink didn't smear.  It was just dark enough to create a visual combination unpleasant to the eyes. Lesson learned.  When you mix colors, you have to be careful to choose the right colors - whether you mix the paint in the palette or paint one color over another.  Same thing when painting over ink.

I continued painting, hoping I could reduce the mud, and finally decided the answer was to add more ink.  I think I did improve things, but the result is very dark.