Practice Pages #Rhodiarama #Dot-Grid #Ballpoint

Practice makes perfect,
or so they say.
I doubt it does,
but I practice anyway.

I don't share these very often, but almost all my art journals have what I think of as practice pages. In essence, when I screw up a drawing, I start using it for practice.  And I layer one kind of practice over another.

For instance, this page was meant to be a step-out for my pattern Plain-Chain.  I messed up the steps and had to redo them on another page.  So when I received some Tombow pens, I used the page to practice my calligraphy, just writing right on over the pattern steps.  Then I bought some Zebra Z-grip colored ball point pens and used the page to try blending the different colors, and to practice my line work with them.

Then later, on hold on the phone, I practiced drawing circles with my Tombow Fudenosuke flexible-tip brush pen.

I kind of like the way this looks at the moment, so I may stop working on this page and move on to another mistake page (yeah.  there's always more than one in any given journal, lol).  Or I may decide to do more with it.  Sometimes, I keep adding to a page for years.  They don't always end up looking so great, but it's interesting to watch them change.