Digital Girl Saved in Negative #MixedMedia #Rhodiarama #ArtJournal

Lately, I've been posting some of my 'save's.  These are journal pages that I've used for practice and to make them nicer, I work over them.  As often as not, I use the negative space method.  This was done on a 5.5 x 8.3 inch page, so I had room to do a fairly complicated shape.

This is the page I had, one where I was practicing with some new colors

I tangled over everything, using a Graphic Micron, which has a 1.0 nib size, so the linework was quite bold.  Then I used colored pencil to color around the shape of a woman.  I didn't use a stencil or reference - I just made up the shape out of my head.

One of the dangers with this method, especially if you tangle is that it gets all too dark and confusing.

There are two options for something like this.  One is to paint around the shape with a light acrylic paint.  That can actually work quite well, but I didn't think it would with all the yellow in this drawing.

So I grabbed my Sharpie white water-based paint pen and added highlights in the hair, around the eyes and along the arms.  This not only made the figure stand out more, it gave the whole piece an electric look.

I decided this was a digital girl, living in a Tron-like world.