Re-purposed Game Tin #Watercolor #DIYWatercolorPalette #PaintedTin

While browsing through a yard sale, I found a kid's game of Hangman that came in a tin.  It's a nice size for a watercolor palette, but I decided to give it as a gift instead.

After lightly sanding the outside of the lid, I painted it with black acrylic.  Once that dried I dabbed on Cobalt Tea and Juniper, leaving areas of the black showing through.  I glued down some mixed media findings (metal reproductions of gears and wheels) using a granular-textured gel medium.

While it was still wet, I sprinkled on some shiny nail glitter.

I added a bit more black acrylic for accent, and once I was sure the gel medium was completely cured, I painted over all of it with clear soft gel medium to make sure the findings were thoroughly glued down and that the glitter wouldn't come off.

Not including the drying times, it probably took about 20 minutes.