Ugly #MixedMedia #ArtJournal #Rhodiarama

I really wasn't in an ugly mood when I drew this, and it doesn't really reflect my feelings at all.  Though I suppose it does say something about my views on human nature.

This was a 'save' in my Rhodiarama soft cover where I had experimented with some Tombow Dual Brush, Fudenosuke and Mono pens.  I didn't have any real idea of what I wanted, other than that I was going to create the negative shape of a woman.

As so often happens, once I was part of the way done, I saw something.  In this case, I was creating the outline of the woman, but the white streaks made me think of a skeleton.  That made me see this woman, and the strange doggerel popped into my head after that.  My brain just works this way.  It was the art that was feeling ugly - not me.  Honest.

I'll be posting a step-by-step challenge for the Zentangle All Around Facebook group using this method on August 2.