Dragon's Embryo #ArtJournal #RhodiaHeritage #Zentangle

This is another mixed media work done in my Rhodia Heritage (I will be hosting a giveaway for five of these in September).  I used water-based fiber tipped brush pen, pigment pen, colored pencil and a water-based white Sharpie.

I've mentioned before that the ivory paper with the orange ruling makes for a rich background to color on.  With this drawing, I also discovered how sturdy the paper was.

My white marker again betrayed me, I think because it didn't like working over colored pencil (and haven't I been warning people not to do that?). I disliked the effect, so I kept coloring over with more colored pencil and then disliking how dark it was, I erased much of the color.  I, literally, fiddled with this for days.  The white marker I use must be ordered online, and I didn't have time to wait for it, so I kept fiddling with what I had.  I think I'm going to switch to white ink and brush,

Though, overworked, the paper held up extremely well to all the erasing.  No pilling and it kept taking the color.  This did surprise me.  I know Clairefontaine is good paper, but I really overworked this piece. The end result looks far better than it should.