Review: Pigma Micron 9 Pcs Pen Set with Zippered Pen Case @Sakura #PigmaMicron #MeedenUS

Microns are pretty much my go-to pens, but  I spend more time looking for mine than using them because the plastic packs they come in don't last long.  So I was rather excited when I saw this Pigma Micron 9 Pcs Pen Set with Pen Case.

This is a short review (for me anyway), but I had to share! Really share.  This Friday (9/8/17) I'll be giving away one of these sets along with some Tombow Fudenosuke Pens.

For those unfamiliar with Sakura's Micron pens, they are archival, and when dry, they are waterproof  fade resistant, they don't smear easily, feather or bleedthrough on most papers. They meets astm and acmi nontoxicity standards.

However, you will find a strong division in their popularity.  Some people swear by them and some people swear at them.  It is not uncommon to buy a new one and have it stop working within days. Some develop spots in the nib, where the ink won't flow.  If you leave the cap off, even for seconds you run the risk of the ink drying out.

BUT...all that other stuff, the waterproof, resistant to smearing, etc.  If they work, they work GOOD, and they work more often than they don't.  No pen is perfect and this is the one I reach for most often.  With the different nib sizes and shapes you can draw all sorts of beautiful line widths.

Meeden US has the set priced nicely at $18.99 (free S&H if you have Prime or are buying over $25 worth of items and Meeden has a special of 5% off if you buy two or more qualifying items).

Pigma Micron Nib/Pigma Graphic Nib/Pigma Brush Nib
The set contains 9 different pens - Seven Pigma Microns one Pigma Graphic, and one Pigma Brush.

  • They all have fabric nibs but the shapes vary as you can see in the photo above. 
  • The nib sizes for the Micron are: 0.2mm (005), 0.25mm (01), 0.3mm (02), 0.35mm (03), 0.4mm(04), 0.45mm (05), 0.5mm (08)
  • The Graphic is size 1.0mm (1)
  • The Brush is 0.8-2.5mm
As you can see from the example below, the brush pen has a flexible tip that allows you to create widely different lines.  Use the side of the brush for broad strokes and the tip for thin.  Apply pressure as you draw and get a line with varied widths.

The Graphic pen is stiff and rigid but large enough that you can use the side for a broader line and the tip for thin. You can't get the varied width lines that you can with the brush pen.

The Pigmas also have rigid tips and the line width is the same whether you use the side of the pen or the tip.

Now, the star of the show - the case.

It's a sturdy case, nicely fitted to the pens but it's tall enough to hold slightly longer ones as well.  I was able to fit a Tombow Fudenosuke dual tip inside.  There are 14 slots and only 9 pens so you can add other pens you might own.

The case is all black with a squared pattern in dark gray lines.  The pattern vibrates a bit in certain lights. There's no wording except for a tag with 'Meeden' written in red.

The stitching is neat and tidy.  No loose ends or bunching.

It has a zipper to hold it closed.  The zipper slides easily, and again the stitching is even and doesn't have loose threads to catch.  I filled all 14 slots, with a couple of taller pens included, and had no trouble closing and zipping the case.

The only drawback is a common one.  The zipper extends past the end of the case, so you have to hold it taut to unzip the case all the way.

There is strap for carrying and the zipper pull is large and easy to grasp.

I only did one example because really the only test was to make sure that all the pens did in fact work.  They did! Microns at their best.