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Last week's Fun & Easy Landscape Step-wisely was a series of step-outs showing you how to draw people using circles, squares and triangles.  This can be done very simply.  You can also get a little more adventuresome and create some pretty complex people as well.

Since it is October and also Inktober, I thought I'd do up a challenge step-out for you.  Lots of steps, but it's still circle, half-circle and triangles.  And you KNOW all the pieces that go into making people (I was chastized for mentioning the 'Dem Bones' song, and getting it stuck in people's heads, so I won't mention it this time...).

Don't sweat the proportions - strange-shaped people are fun!  And if you just let yourself learn the pattern, and practice, the proportions will get easier.  All in good time.

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Zebra Pens Inktober Giveaway-A Zensations Pen kit given away each week in October
At the end of each week, Zebra pens will select a winner to receive their new Zensations line of products, including tools and utensils specifically made for artists like you!  (sorry, North America residents only)
The rules are simple:
  1. Create a drawing
  2. Post it on your social media accounts
  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #zensations
  4. Repeat this each day through the month of October.