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For Christmas I was given a book, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor by by Maury Aaseng, Louise De Masi,‎ Hailey E. Herrera,‎ & Ronald Pratt   I've done a few of the exercises in it, but have been putting off this one, because I knew it would be time-consuming.

And it was, a bit.  The technique is that of alternating glazes (thin washes of color) with splatters of masking fluid.  You must let everything dry, completely, in between or risk tearing the paper. when you remove the masking fluid.  But I really liked the look and so I finally made myself give it a try.

Rather than using the painting in the book as a reference, I combined some different photos, but I did use the colors and methods described in the book (which is a really cool book).

Did I mention that I really like the look? I'm happy with this and will be using this technique again.

Da Vinci Watercolor paints, Pebeo Masking Fluid, Aquanaut 1" Flat and Size 8 Round brushes on Hahnemühle William Turner 140 lb Cold Press