Review-'Fairy Garden Houses' ebook by Dorian Eng, CZT & Adele Bruno, CZT #Zentangle #Tanglebook #Tangles

I had an unexpected surprise in my email, earlier this week.  Dorian Eng, CZT & Adele Bruno, CZT sent me a copy of their latest ebook.  I have family visiting and the usual busy life, so it's going to be awhile before I have the chance to try making any of the cute little houses from the book.  However, I didn't want to wait before sharing this review with you!

Fairy Garden Houses is the 3rd ebook in the 'Tiny Tangled Houses' series. It includes instructions to create a cylindrical paper house, leaves and mushrooms. There is also instruction to create a standing tissue paper mushroom.

The ebook has 40 pages with lots of photos and easy to understand instructions. You are shown how to draw windows and doors and other elements such as trees and mushrooms.  Then you are shown how to incorporate tangling for additional decoration. These are meant to be fairy houses, but I think hobbits and elves would feel right at home, as well!

Step-outs are included for the tangles Bales, Ann, Uncorked, Ahh, Printemps, Pendrills, Wud, Iza, Kulakane, and variations on Mooka. There are also step-outs showig you how to draw a butterfly, a busy bee, a bumble bee, a lady bug, a bold lady bug, and a happy little snail.

There is a section with illustrations of possible walls and roofs (and they are darling!).

All in all there is everything you would need to create a marvelous fairy house that would delight any child and anyone still a child at heart.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Supplies and Tools

Part 1 - House Construction

  • Wall and Roof
  • Leaf
  • Assembly
  • Template

Part 2 - Tangling

  • Tips for Tangling - Fairy House Elements
  • Tips for Tangling - Fairy Garden Friends
  • Tangle Step Outs
  • Fairy Garden House Ideas

Part 3 - Fun Stuff

  • Mushroom Construction

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