Sneak Peak-Upcoming Reviews and Giveaways! #Aquanut #ArtSupplies #Hahnemühle_USA #XanaduaArtStudio #LedaArtSupply

My family was coming to visit in late May, but called last week to tell me they were coming this week instead! ACK! Love to see them, but there goes my schedule!  So instead of writing reviews as I planned, I've just been trying to get posts scheduled so I can spend time with family.

I thought I'd let you know about some of those reviews that I'll be writing. There will be GIVEAWAYS!

Hahnemühle has released some new watercolor paper and as usual, they've been generous. I've got Harmony Cold pressed, Hot Pressed, and Rough, as well as the Expressions Cold Pressed, for review and giveaway.

I've been going to town painting on the Harmony Cold Pressed.

From XanaduArtStudios, I've got Aquanut handmade watercolors, both half-pans and dots.  
Those dots are pretty cool.  You'll want to learn about those! 
I'll be reviewing these and giving away a tin of them, too

It doesn't show well in the scans, but these paints have mica, making them sparkly.  It's not overdone though. Gives them a holographic quality but you can paint realistic pieces as well as whimsical ones.

And last, but not least, I won a Leda Art Supply Mechanical Colored Pencil set, so of course I have to review it.  It's only logical!