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The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge May 25 - May 31: Draw a landscape using the Horsetail Plant step-out.  Extra calorie-free brownie points for using Basic Shapes as well.

In real life the Horsetail Plant is also known as Snake grass and scouring rush.  It's common - found everywhere in the world except for Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean islands and on Antarctica.

I started the striping without drawing guidelines first.  My feeling is that doing it this way will give you more interesting shapes.  But nothing says that you can't pencil in guidelines if you prefer.  If you use pen though, then the last four steps won't work as well.

Note that the rows of bristles overlap each other.  Just draw right over the bristles below.  Play with the spacing between the rows - not every stripe needs bristles.  I've made my bristles larger as they go up, right until the very top, but what happens if you vary the lengths in different ways? Find out by trying it!

There are 20 different species of Horsetail plant, so lots of variations.  Why not create a few new species of your own?

Step-out drawn with Zebra Pen Sarasa Fineliners. 
Example painted with Aquanut Watercolors on Hahnemühle new Cold-Pressed Watercolour Postcard

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