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Today, I'm reviewing Hahnemühle's Mixed Media Bamboo Pad, 3.1 x 4.1 in/8.0 x 10,5 cm size, with 10 sheets, and glued format.

If you are unable to play the video here, you can also find it on YouTube.

Instead of my usual review, I've made a video.  Please, feel free to comment (constructively - I don't mind criticism if it's intended to help).  Do you like the video, or do you prefer the all-text review? And, I promise, the videos will get better as I get used to do them!

Especially, let me know if you aren't able to view the video.

Paper Content: 90 % Bamboo fibre, 10% Cotton Rag
Surface: Hot-Pressed, Surface Sized
Color: Natural White
Weight: 265 g/m²
Characteristics: acid free, highly renewable, suitable for watercolor, acrylic & pastel


You'll be seeing some of these examples done on video in upcoming reviews and I'll be posting some later that I haven't quite finished.

Every kind of pen, pencil and brush I could fit on one card - front & back.

Godzilla Eats the Moon Over Manhattan - Watercolor over Permanent Marker.

Ginger horse & the Pinktrees - Technical Pen over watercolor over Permanent Marker.

Purplemania - Technical Pen, Color Brush pen, Permanent Marker, Mildliner, & Watercolor.

Dragonblood Tree - Permanent Marker and Technical Pen over watercolor.

Shiny Punk-PM - Watercolor over Permanent Marker.

A Rose is a Rose - Watercolor over Permanent Marker.

Raptor's Eye - Watercolor over Permanent Marker.

Hahnemühle's Mixed Media Bamboo Pad in 3.1 x 4.1 in/8.0 x 10,5 cm size is great for carry, and if you're like me, it just looks cute.  The paper is 125 lb, so sturdy and it is truly mixed media, working well with a variety of mediums.

It holds up well to wet mediums, and I like that watercolor has a nice flow on this paper, but you also have a great deal of control.  

It is a 'rough' paper as most mixed media is, but it strides the fine line where watercolor works well, and so do pens and pencils.

Hahnemühle sent me this pad of Mixed Media Bamboo paper for review.  I have received no other consideration, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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