The Leap #Zentangle #Clairefontaine #JHerbin

Another piece that I did using tangles from the book, Das Grobe Zentangle®-Buch (The Large Zentangle Book)', that I reviewed on Tuesday.

I used a J. Herbin brush pen on Clairefontaine Calligraphie paper.  Lately, I've been obsessing on brush pens.  I love the way you can vary the thickness of your line so easily.

As happens so often with me, I started this with nothing in mind, and then I saw someone leaping.  The odd thing was that I could see three different versions of the body's shape, and they all seemed important, so I tried to keep all three.  I flashed on the quote from 'She' by Kobi Yamada - "She took the leap and built her wings on the way down."  I love that quote and feel as though it sums up the way I do these drawings.  I just start and build the drawing as I fall into it.

So there might be wings in this one.  It's up to you to decide, and there's no right or wrong of it.  If you see wings, there are wings. If you don't, there are none.  I have drawn and done my part.  The rest is up to you.