Weekly Challenge #9 - my attempts

For Laura Harms Weekly Challenge #9-Using the Artoo tangle I started with a fairly simple drawing that isn't much along my usual style. I wasn't sure what color I should use around the Nzeppel, so I stopped and moved on to a second attempt.

As the 2nd attempt started taking on a nighttime in the woods I decided to try and give the Artoo tangle a 'glow'. See, I've sat in the hospital all night long with my mother, and I know that when Laura was creating this tangle, she wasn't just tangling. She was investing every ounce of her being with thoughts and prayers of healing for Artoo. I don't think I succeeded, but I was trying to convey a lights guiding the way through the wood effect.

Then I went back to attempt 1, and, strangely, for me, decided to leave it alone.  I think it's because I felt attempt 2 was so busy that the simplicity appealed to me as a change.