Beauty in Ugly #FamilyMoments #WorldWatercolorMonth Day 4

A while back, I decided to use up some of the left over paint on my palette to paint a mudskipper and it worked out okay.

The prompt for Day 4 of World Watercolor Month was family moments and I admit - I wasn't inspired.  To give myself time to think, I thought I'd clean up my palette and then thought - hey! Those colors all mix up to the colors of old photos!

And what family memories.  These days, we're snapping selfies with abandon, but once upon a time, a photograph was a family treasure.  I'm always fascinated by the scratched, faded, stained old family photos.  Even if the family isn't mine.

They were always ugly, but beautiful in the moments they captured.

So... I used up my paint instead of cleaning it up.

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