New tangle pattern DuBloop, Grunge paper and the Popcorn Tub

So how did this popcorn tub from Dollar Tree transform from red & white stripes to a cool Steampunk ensemblage?  Read on!
Viva Las Vegastamps! :
Plastic Popcorn Tub
12x12 sheet Tim Holtz Grunge Paper 
Ranger Archival Inkpad Black
Tim Holtz Distress Markers:Black Soot, Rusty Hinge, Dried Marigold, Wild Honey, Tumbled Glass, Scattered Straw and Shabby Shutters
Miracle Tape 1 inch
Miracle Sheet
Black Sharpie pen

Recently, I watched a live-show with Leslierahye and she did an awesome cover-up on aluminum cans.  It inspired me to eye these plastic popcorn tubs that come 2-for-$1 at Dollar Tree. 

I'd been wanting to try out the Ideaology Grunge Paper.  It's strange stuff.  It looks like cardboard, and feels like leather.  It's flexible the way a piece of leather would be.  I was curious to see how well it would work using stamps and Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  

Ideas collided, and my steampunk popcorn tub was reborn as a pen-holder!

The steps:
1. Trace the side of the tub four times and cut out the pieces.
2. Stamp the images, choosing a crittur and an assortment of steampunk gears for each side.  
3. Color each piece with Distress markers, blending the colors with a waterbrush. (Note: I think the grunge paper is too rough for a fabric tip, so I used the hard plastic tip.)
4. Add tangles using the Black Soot Distress Marker.  Pick out details on the stamped images with the black marker so they'll be more 3D, and so the black of the inkpad and the black of the pens will work together.
5. Place the scalloped edge of each piece onto the sticky side of a Miracle sheet and cut the tape to fit the scallops.
6. Place strips of the 1-inch Miracle tape on the other three sides of each piece.
7. Pull the backing off the Miracle tape and stick the pieces onto the popcorn tub.
8. Black out any gaps at the corners using the black Sharpie on both the inside and the outside of the tub. 

Okay.  I admit it!  I grabbed the wrong stamp for this side, and ended up stamping a steampunk pig upside down.  Lol!  You just can't go wrong with steampunk pigs!

Tangle Pattern DuBloop

Note: For those unfamiliar with Zentangle or Steampunk, please check out this post for more information.

I created steps to a tangle pattern for use with this project.  The names for tangle patterns are meant for reference, and aren't supposed to bring an image to mind.  I thought this looked a bit like a doubled up loop, so DuBloop it is!

Patterns Used
My patterns: Woggle, Background #2,
Official tangle patterns: Beeline, Bales, Knightsbridge, Striping
Tangles by others: Sandra Steen Bartholmew's “Coop” pattern, from her book, “Yoga for Your Brain-steps not available online.

If you like tangle patterns that are loopy and swirly, check out Sue's Tangle trips and see what Certified Zentangle® Teacher, Sue Jacobs has come up with.

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  1. This rocks my socks off!!! I can't even begin to tell you how cool this is. i really need to steal this idea. :0) Great Job! TFS!


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