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I have family descending on the house for the next week, hubby's on vacation, and I know that many of you will be busy with vacation and Independence Day plans as well.  So, I've decided to put my daily link list on hiatus for the week.  The list will be resumed as normal on July 7th.  Have a great holiday, if you're from the U.S.  Just have a great week otherwise, lol!

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Reflections on Filberts--Watercolor brushes that is. #Watercolor

I got this nifty new brush.  Unfortunately, it's a cheapie from Artist's Loft, under $3.00.  I did this one painting below (card sized) and already the bristles are starting to splay.

It is just labeled as a filbert, worse luck, because I'd like to find a better version, possibly in a larger size.  I like the effects you can get with it while painting foliage and grass. (Edited to note that I've learned these are called 'Wisp' brushes.  They come in both Filberts and Fan style)

This was a very quick painting, mostly an excuse to try out the brush, plus I needed a birthday card.

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Still Life with Cut Melons #Watercolor #KDAllegri #LifeImitatesDoodles

Today was the last day of my watercolor class with Kathy Delumpa Allegri (boo!  I'm going to miss going--though I am going with her and seven others to do plein air painting at a lavender farm, tomorrow. Yay! Rain, rain stay away.  I want sunshine to shine that day!)

We painted on Shizen paper again, and I really like the textures you get with it.  Not as happy with the painting as I was with last weeks, but I did take on a bigger challenge.  I may go back and deepen the shadows and life more highlights in the cloth.  I was starting to fuss though and that's always the time to stop.  Better slightly unfinished than over-worked!

Journal52 Week 25 Prompt: Nature Inspired #Journal52 #ArtJournaling #DalerRowney

This week's Journal52 prompt just seemed to create itself.  I had barely read the prompt--Nature Inspired--when the mail arrived and I saw the gift that a friend had all fell into place from there.

Step 1: I already had a lot of color on the page from last week's prompt, where I had closed the book and transferred excess paint to this week's page.  I wasn't sure how the color would tie in.  As it turned out, I covered most of it, but it supplied some interesting background shapes and made for a richer color overall.

And my friend Robyn sent me this cool soda can cut-out (along with several soda can hearts).  The moment I saw this, I knew what I wanted to do.

Step 2: I started by blocking out the shape of the moon.  To start with, I wanted some transparency, so I could decide how much of the background color to keep as I went along.  I squeezed out a little Metallic Yellow and spread it with a baby wipe.  Then I squeezed some Antique White (which is not transpar…

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Review of the Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer Tool #TimHoltz #DistressMarkers #Spritzer

What is this strange looking object, you say.  A turkey baster?  A clean-up suction tool for coffee grounds?  An alien ray gun?

No! It's a Tim Holtz's Distress Marker spritzers, and you use it to get watercolor effects using water-soluble markers.  My friend, Tina Walker, kindly sent me one, and I thank her profusely!

You may have already seen these or not, but either way, you are probably wondering whether you desperately need one for your craft stash.  I know I wondered, but I hesitated to spend the approximately $15 without seeing how they work.  
Look & Feel

The name specifically mentions the Distress Marker, a water-soluble double-ended marker with a hard plastic tip at one end, and a felt brush tip at the other.  The spritzer will work with most felt-tipped markers.

The marker needs to fit into this guide-hole, or...

... you can remove the screw and the inner tube, then fit your larger markers into the bigger opening.  The screw can be used to tighten down and secure …

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Where do all the arms and legs go? #ScribblerToo

Not my best Scribbler Too drawing.

I started with the head, and for some reason he seemed hunched over, so I stopped and thought for a moment why a man might hunch over.  I thought motorcycle, but drawing a motorcycle didn't interest me.

But a tricycle?  A man on a tricycle.  Now that interested me. LOL!

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Journal52 Prompt: Week 24-Courage #Journal52 #ArtJournaling #KobiYomeda

One of my favorite quotes is from Kobi Yomeda's 'She' and this week's Journal52 prompt, Courage, seemed a good time to use it.

I already knew what techniques I wanted to use--peeled paper and negative shapes.  So it all should have been easy peasy, right?

Nah.  It turned out to be one of those fussy, complicated  pages where I kept layering because I didn't like what lay underneath, but then I'd end up removing much of the layer I just put down because I had also covered elements I did like.

I finally said enough, and maybe I'll come back and add more at another time--and maybe not.  For those interested, I've written up my process.

Step 1: I tore up 3 sheets from an old music book. Step 2: The entire journal page was covered with Polymer Medium (glue). Step 3: The strips of torn music were glued down, pieces overlapping and turned in different directions.  Once the page was covered with the strips, I applied another layer of Polymer Medium.

Step 4: While t…

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Scribbling the Koi #ScribblerToo

I do love the effects you can get with Scribbler Too!

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Elephant Mug #KDAllegri #Watercolor #lifeImitatesDoodles

Today, in watercolor class we played some more with the Shizen recycle paper, focusing on the way the color lifts which presents both problem and opportunity.    If you keep trying to apply color while the paint is wet, it just slides around and gets muddy, so you need to wait until the paint is dry, and add color in layers.  Not glazing, necessarily, though that would work.

At any point, even once the paint has dried, it is easy to wet the color and lift much of it.  Non-staining colors can be lifted almost to the white of the paper.

We each brought in familiar objects to be the subject of our paintings.  I took in a novelty mug I have with an elephant's head as the handle.  Since I mixed Gamboge, Ultramarine Blue and Pyrrol Red for the elephant's brown/gray color, I used those three colors in the background.  The colors were used wet-in-wet and meant to be non-objective, but of course, I saw a map, and couldn't help but play with that.

Another online drawing program #NewHive #DrawingBoard

Recently, a friend, Ale, told me about another online drawing program at NewHive.

Drawing Board is pretty rudimentary--no levels, no image upload and no erase (unless you want to clear and start over at the beginning).  Just some brushes and colors.

Still, it's fun.  I like the squares brush, and think the program is worth a try just for that.  While I won't be switching away from Scribbler Too, I'll keep my eye on this one and see if gets any improvements.

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Review of the Clairefontaine Triomphe Writing Notepad #Exaclair #Clairefontaine #Triomphe

Exaclair, Inc. distributes several products lines from France in the USA, including Clairefontaine.  A while back they sent me one of their Clairefontaine Triomphe Writing Notepads.  It was longer ago than I like--I try to get my reviews done in a more timely fashion.  In truth, I had everything ready for this review shortly after I received the pad.  But I was doing several other reviews on Exaclair products around that time, and the plan was to spread things out a bit, instead of throwing several reviews at you all at once.

Of course it was.

Somewhere along the way I forgot that I hadn't done this review yet.  So the spread was a little thinner than expected, lol.  I apologize to Exaclair for taking so long, and to you for making you wait to find out about this nifty writing pad.

Size: A4/8.3 x 11.7 inches (also comes in A5)
No of sheets: 50
Format: Lined, 8 mm (5/16 inch) (also comes in a blank version)
Paper: Color-White, Weight-90g, acid-free, pH neutral, archival, envi…

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Journal52 Week 23 Prompt: Passion #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

When I saw the word 'Passion' for this week's prompt, the phrase 'My Passion is Pale' popped into my head.  No telling why.  The workings of my brain are unfathomable, lol.

My wrist was aching, it was late, and I knew if I didn't do the page NOW, I wouldn't get it done for a while--so I went simple.  Again.  I think I should have called this my Simple journal.  It's been fun and refreshing and I've learned a lot from it.

So, I had an idea for my words, and wanted a simple style. All I needed to get started.  For those interested, I've written up my process and a little about the products I used.

Step 1:  I made a monoprint on a piece of clear vellum paper.

Clear vellum paper reminds you a little of wax paper.  It has a grayish, translucent surface that is slick.  Most media will stick to it, but drying times are often slower.

I had a piece that I'd used to pull a print from a gelli plate.  A gelli plate looks and feels a bit like a square of …

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Journal52: Traveling #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

I'm not really big on traveling.  It makes me nervous, and I'm usually too wound up to enjoy it.  But I love maps so when I saw the Journal52 prompt for this week I decided to go that route. (Route.  Maps. Get it? Lol!)

Scale and fancy map keys are too much work for my messy mind, so I just went for a map-like look.  I let the flow of color and shape dictate my choices more than trying to be realistic with my depictions of location.

I didn't have my camera handy to take step-by-step photos, but if you are interested in my process I have the steps with photos of the products I used, below, along with some of the reasons I chose the products I did.

Step 1: I used a yellow (not shown in this photo) 15mm tip Montana Marker to color the entire page.  These wide tipped acrylic paint markers cover large areas fast.  I was able to do the whole page, with no effort, in a matter of seconds.  Though you can get empty Montana Markers, I used one with Montana paint.  It's very flui…