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The Third Eye #Watercolor #Yarka #Arches

Most of my artwork is done without any reference material or plan.  I just start and after a bit, something clicks, and then I usually start working toward a goal suggested by what I've already done--something in the colors or the lines or the shapes.

But I've never done that with watercolor.  Not sure why.  Probably because I feel I have the least understanding of how that medium works.  I decided to give it a go.  I'll do more of this--I think I'll learn the medium all the faster, but watercolor will present a challenge.  Usually, I can bring most of the elements together, at least marginally.  It's a little more difficult with this medium.

I like the middle portion, but not the border so much.  It was a lot harder to turn it into what I wanted.  But over all, I like the work, and now I have a little better idea of how I might do better next time.

Yarka St Petersburg pan sets-original and sequel on Arches Watercolor paper.  Most of the texture was created by lay…

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Bandon Beach #Watercolor #Yarka #Bandon

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was at the Oregon Coast this last week,

So, of course, I had to paint something from the Oregon Coast.  It wasn't all plein air though.  There's was lots of rain, so I didn't get very good photos.  Most of my painting was done in the evening, so I used a combination of the photos I'd taken, along with one I found at the Morguefile, for my inspiration.  I tried to get that feeling of rain.

As with yesterday's painting of Mt. Hood, I used my Yarka St Petersburg pan paints, both original and sequel set.  This time I used Arches Bright White paper, though.

MT Hood Sunrise #Watercolor #Yarka #MtHood

I was at the Oregon Coast this week.  So why the painting of Mt Hood?
Well, the subject for the watercolor class I missed was Mt. Hood.  The class used Masa Paper, which I didn't have.  I'll probably make it up in the next class, but just to keep in tune, I decided to do this painting.
There's lots I like about it, and lots I don't, so I may try doing this one over.
I used my Yarka St. Petersburg pan watercolors--both the original and sequel sets.  Except for the sky.  I used Winsor & Newton Raw Sienna for the glow.  The paper was Twinrocker Rough.

Capped Off and Wine-ing About It

I have a project up at the Amazing Mold Putty blog today.

What happens when you mix wine foil caps, Amazing Casting Products and a Gelli Arts plate? A whole lotta fun and pretty stuff!

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Kitten on the Keys #Schutzen #Zentangle #ZIA

I actually did this quite a while back, intending to do a review, which I never did.  Sometimes, I just plan more than I can get to.

It was done in a Schutzen journal that I won, but I didn't write down what pen I used.  It looks like a brush pen, probably a Pentel.

Journal52 2015 Prompt: Just Write #Journal52 #ArtJournal #StillmanAndBirn

I couldn't get this to scan properly but I thought I'd share it anyway.

The Journal52 prompt was 'Just Write'.  There has been a lot of serendipity or synchronicity or something with these journal prompts and my life lately and I decided to write about that.

The first time it happened was after I posted a painting I did for the prompt 5: Television.  I painted a character from my favorite TV show.  Someone commented on the painting, saying that I should paint him looking into a window.  The very next prompt, No. 6 was 'Window'.

Prompt 10 was 'Coloring book Inspiration'.  I had no coloring books, but the very day that was announced, I received a coloring book in the mail from Exaclair (which I'll be reviewing and giving away in June).

Then last week in my watercolor class, the teacher asked us all to do some writing in our sketchbook journals.  On Friday, prompt 11 came out--'Just Write'.

Now is the universe trying to tell me something, using…

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Little Girl Down the Lane #Journal52 #Stillman&Birn #Crayola

While browsing through photos at the Morguefile, I found a picture of a little girl walking down a lane.  She looked like she'd be fun to paint and I decided to do a quick sketch in my J. Herbin Creapen in my 6x6 Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook, thinking I'd use it for the Journal52 coloring prompt.  Then I got my Clairefontaine coloring book and used that instead.  But, I decided to go ahead and color her in with Crayola crayons, just for the fun of it.

She might be Alice on her way to the rabbit hole, lol.

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Journal Prompt 10: Coloring Book Inspiration #Journal52 #Exaclair #ColoringBook

There seems to be a lot of serendipity going on in my life lately, when it comes to Journal52 prompts.

I was just thinking that I didn't have any coloring books to be inspired by, when I received this marvelous Mandala coloring book for adults, from Exaclair Inc.  I'll be reviewing it and giving away copies in a couple of months. The timing was perfect.

The drawings are fabulous, and there is a lot of white on black, which I hadn't seen in coloring books before.

I did this page for the Journal prompt, using Coloursoft Colored Pencils.

I'll be giving away five copies of this coloring book in June, by the way.  When I saw the coloring books in the Exaclair catalog, I had to get one to review and to give away.

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Journal52 Prompt 9: Artistic Restraint #Journal52 #Stillman&Birn #ArtJournal

I was still playing with my Chinese brush dipped in ink and trying to decide what to do for week 9's prompt.

I'd doodled the little house in the upper left, and suddenly I had the vision of a quaint little town called Artistic Restraint.  It was bordered by a burbling little stream and the entrance was bordered with fanciful shrubs and egg-like rocks.  I'd like to visit there some day.  Maybe on my way to the funny farm, hey?

Journal52 Prompt 8: Aromatherapy #Journal52 #Stillman&Birn #ArtJournal

I wasn't really aiming for this to be one of my journal prompts, though I was using my Journal52 book.  I was playing with a Chinese brush I had found and I just sort of whipped out this drawing as way to play with the brush strokes.  Then I decided to color it in.

Often, when I'm doing something like this, I imagine what it would be like to be in the place I'm drawing, so I was imagining a barn stall with the morning sun streaming in, and still sleepy sheep, and long shadows and bright light and ... really fragant hay.  Yup, I thought.  That hay would stink.

And thus this became my response for Aromatherapy.  Hay fever, move over.

Studies of a Rose #Watercolor #Twinrocker #LifeImitatesDoodles

In my watercolor class this week we practiced floral studies and glazing.  First we did a quick study in our sketchbooks.

Then we did a more complete painting.  This is the first painting I did using Twinrocker cold press paper.  I like it.

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Journal52 Prompts 6 & 7-Kind of #Journal52 #SaveConstantine #Stillman & Birn

I'm late! I'm late!

It's been a busy year so far, and I fell farther behind with my Journal52 prompts than I ever have before.  I'm almost caught up, so you'll see lots of Journal52 prompts this week.  No write-ups for my process though.  Sorry. Just no time.  I'm not sure anyone would have been that interested anyway.

The last prompt I posted, #5 was Television.  This is relevant because it inspired what I did for the next prompt.  For #5, I used my favorite TV Show Constantine, having the Hellblazer comic book character that inspired it watching himself on TV.  That would have been the end of it, except a Hellblazer fan commented with this "A from behind shot of John watching it in the window of a shop in the pissing rain at night would fit the tone of Hellblazer'.

And then prompt # turned out to be windows!  Now, one of the powers, if you will, of the Hellblazer character is that he travels a synchronicity highway, where events lead him to the righ…

The Winner of the Hellblazer Subterranean giveaway #Hellblazer #Constantine #SaveConstantine

The winner of Hellblazer Subterranean giveaway is: Anthony RodriguezMarch 2, 2015 at 11:53 AM Anthony, please email me at LifeImitatesDoodles [at] gmail [dot] com with your mailing information.

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Root and Branch #JHerbin #Creapen #Clairefontaine

Ahhh.  Just sitting, listening to the telly, and letting the lines flow, willy-nilly wandering where-ever they want to go.

Done with a J. Herbin Creapen Brush pen on Clairefontaine Calligraphie paper that I've bound into an art journal.

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Studies in Cherry Blossoms and Urban City Scenes #KDAllegri #Watercolor

Last week in watercolor class we did studies of Cherry Trees and Urban Street scenes.  Both were done with no reference photos, relying on memory and just using the paint to suggest rather to create detailed paintings.

I think my trees look more like Japanese maples than cherry trees, lol.

This first one seemed a good place for a quote from Leonard Nimoy--his last tweet from a few days before his passing.

 Sorry for the crease.  I intend to sew these together into a journal once the class is done, and I've got all the pages pre-folded.  I didn't think to leave a few unfolded for pieces like this.

A little closer to cherry blossoms this time.

These were all done with a Yarka St. Petersburg pan set on Arches paper.  I decided I don't like the Raw Sienna, though it was better mixed with the Golden Ochre.  The Neutral tint was used for shadow and Scarlet for the umbrella and glow.
I started my figures too close to the edge for the size and ended up with slighty stunted charact…

Mary Sue #JHerbin #Clairefontaine #Creapen

I've been playing around with brush pens a lot lately.  I'm not doing too bad, but as with everything practice makes perfect, and there are still times were I'm not getting the results I want.

Normally I do abstract or non-objective work, but it occurred to me that I might get better results if I start doing more realistic work with the brush pen.  Not as in photo-realism, but by drawing clearly recognizable things.  Sometimes you need to switch things up so your brain will re-activate and make it easier for you to break old habits.

This gal's a figment of my imagination, not based on anyone in particular.  In writing parlance, a Mary Sue is a female character who is written as perfect.  She can do no wrong, has a beautiful singing voice, unusually striking eyes, never makes mistakes.  She walks into the room and takes over because everyone immediately realizes her intelligent perfection.

So I thought I'd make her a Mary Sue.  She must be.  I mean just look at her …

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Wisdom Knot #Zentangle #Adinkra #TanglePatterns

This is my second step-out I created based on African Adinkra symbols.

Giveaway-Used copy of Hellblazer Subterranean paperback #SaveConstantine #Hellblazer #JohnShirley

I know! A giveaway that's a bit off topic for my blog, but I wanted to do something that might help get my favorite TV show renewed.

I'm giving away a USED copy of John Shirley's Subterranean, a non-illustrated paperback featuring John Constantine.  This Constantine is the blonde British version from the Hellblazer comics, not the Keanu movie version or Matt Ryan TV version (or the New52 Constantine version).  If you understood those references, you've definitely come to the right giveaway, lol.

I have allergies to paper molds, and while I was willing to suffer through them for one read, I know I'll never read the book again, so I decided I'd give it away.

The book was labeled USED: GOOD when I bought it and I suspect I'm the first to read it.  The paper edges are yellow, the cover has scuffing along the edges, but is otherwise good.  There's one light crease on the spine.  The binding is good, no folded edges or tears.  I don't have a great sense o…

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Envy tangle pattern #Zentangle #TanglePattern #Adinkra

Last year one of the projects that we covered in my watercolor class was based around the Adinkra symbols that are used in African patterned cloth such as Kente cloth.

Of course, any seasoned tangler would look at these symbols and immediately think Zentangle!  And I did, and I even did a couple of step-outs.  For some reason, I never shared the step-outs and forgot I'd done them.

I came across them the other day and decided better late than never, so here is the first one.  I'll post the other one on Tuesday.

The step-out title is based on the meaning of the Adinkra symbol.