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My tangle pattern "Heart2Heart"

Okay, this one is almost a cheat because it isn't the easiest way to draw hearts.  But I was playing around with decorative ways to draw numbers and discovered what happens when you draw mirrored 2's.  And I found it amusing.  And it is getting close to Valentine's Day.  And I am scheduled to get dental implants for my two front teeth on Valentine's, so I must get all the amusement I can for that day, lol! 

My travels seem to be done for a while, so today's the day I apply for unemployment.  I'm up bright and early, and avoiding that task, so instead I worked on Laura Harms Weekly Challenge #7-Breathe.  I did have trouble getting into the relax and breathe, mainly I think because I'm tense about the unemployment.   Losing my job didn't upset me so much, but searching for a new one...
My ZT actually reminds of Dr Who's robot dog K-9, but at the same time it seemed insectisoid, so I deteremined it was a species of bee, he must have met somewhere on his travels.

My tangle pattern "Snickerdoodle"

This pattern makes me think of the way my Snickerdoodle cookies always melt into each other. Ah! Snickerdoodles. I still use Cream of Tartar and Baking Soda. It just makes a difference. ! Yum!

Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #6"-My attempt

Not sure I got this done in time, but I thought I'd post it anyway.  Challenge No 6 was to use the latest official tangle "Ixorus".

My tangle pattern "Pindo"

Here's another pattern based on the trunk of a palm tree. *shakes head*  There is just no beating Mother Nature when it comes to creating designs.  All we can do is study and learn. 
Pindo could probably be considered a tangleation, though I'm not sure of exactly what pattern.  Because, like many patterns it is based on repeating rows of a shape.  In this case, the shape is a triangular wedge.  A row of large wedges is laid down, and the smaller wedges are repeated in a triangular pattern. 

Variations could be created by varying the shape.  Imagine this done with ovals or rectangles.  I didn't add this image in with the steps because it becomes difficult to keep the large wedge shapes even, but keep it in mind when you are working step 3.

Link to tangles "Diamond Panes" and "Droplets"

I wasn’t able to get onto the internet while I was gone (my worst fears realized!), and lots has occurred since I was gone.

Suzanne McNeil posted instructions to Droplets and Margaret Bremner has put instructions for a bargello type design, Diamond Panes.

Mel, aka Lone Creature, has done a webcast of my pattern Zapateado . While you are there check out the many pencasts she’s done of her own patterns, as well as those by many others. She’s got a veritable treasure chest of tangles!

Laura Harms issued her sixth weekly challenge Using Ixorus. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to get in on that one myself.

My tangle pattern 'Sabal'

I'll be off to the Coast in a few minutes (poor hubby.  He's jealous of all my travel!).  I'm not certain about either my laptop's repairs or the wifi signal where I'm going, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know why.
While I was in Florida, I took a few minutes to study a few palm tree trunks.  Here is the first pattern based on what I saw.

Link to tangle pattern "Toeter"

Mariët Dronten has posted instructions to her tangle pattern Toeter.

Get well zentangle for Sandy Bartholomew

While I was away, Sandy Bartholomew, the author of "Totally Tangled" and the soon-to-be-released "Yoga for the Brain", had eye surgery.  Her friends requested that people send her an eye-shaped zentangle to cheer her recovery. (You can read about it here).  Sandy has posted about the surgery.  She's getting better, but is still having some disturbing symptoms.

I missed the first call, but definitely wanted to let Sandy know I was thinking about her.  My ZT isn't exactly zentangle shaped but it is different from my usual.  I took three pieces of paper in three colors, and cut shapes.  After gluing them together, I zentangled them.  You can't tell to well from the scan, but the eyelashes stand up.

Tangle Your Name Challenge

Linda Farmer has posted a challenge at her site.  She entices us to create a zentangle using tangles that start with the letters of our names.

Her hope is that we will follow the 'official' zentangle guidelines closely, using a 3.5" x 3.5" (8.9 x 8.9 cm) size, and choosing from the 102 'official' tangles.  These conditions are not required.

Here is my attempt.  This was fun.  It's closer to a true zentangle than I usually achieve, which is suitable for this smaller size.  I have six characters in my name, which made for a pretty busy ZT, so I limited my shading.

Link to Tangle pattern "Ixorus"

Rick and Maria Thomas have posted the latest newsletter, which includes a new pattern, Ixorus.  They've come up with a new zentangle terminology, tangleation.  I find it very interesting because many of my patterns are tangleations (as are the patterns of others).  I've often wondered whether these words should have separate names.

Once you've read the article, let me know what you think.  I'd be interested to hear.

Weekly Challenge #5 "Orbs" - my attempt

I think I'm still in time for Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #5 the paper in my new Papaya Art Journal can take a good deal of saturation. This was done with Micron and Pitt brush pens. It looks a little better than it appears in the scan.
I knew I wouldn't be in time for Weekly Challenge #4, Starry Surprise, but I did a couple while I was traveling anyway.  I was a bit more successful there than with Orbs, but I think I learned more with Orbs.

Link to tangle pattern "Keyhole"

Livia Chua (aka SkinnyStrayCat) has posted instrucitons to her pattern "Keyhole".

Check out this new journal

While in Mt. Dora, I picked up a new journal "It's All Secretly Perfect".   I needed another journal like I need another hole in my head...but...I love this journal. It's recycled paper of cardstock thickness. Very smooth, but not slick. Even though the cover is hardback, the pages lie very flat. The only drawback is that the words archival or lignin-free don't appear anywhere, so the paper may eventually turn yellow.
I paid $25 dollars and feel it is totally worth it, but when I went to the web-site to check out the specs I found it was on sale for $11.00 (+ S&H).

Reversible- Choose your own cover
120 Blank pages

Ultra thick, multi-use paper

Satin ribbon bookmark

10" x 7"x1.25"

Tangle links-Nipa,Foreign Currency, Hatchetee

Yoho!  I'm back from Mt. Dora, Florida (what a sweet little town).  My brother's seminar was fascinating, though I had to miss much of it, as I was there to help.  I've never made so many pots of coffee in my life, lol!

Unfortunately, there was a bad cold/flu thing going around that hit both my brother and his wife.  I lucked out while I was there, but it has hit me now.  I'm not sure how much I'll be online this week and the week-end.  I'll be going to the Oregon Coast on Sunday.  I think I'll be online (though the wi fi at the hotel has always been poor) but I won't be able to scan my artwork.

Meanwhile, this week has been a busy one for zentanglers!

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to the official tangle Nipa, and also has a link to a zentangle YouTube video.

Claudia Ibjen (aka Claudia's Paper Craft's) has posted instructions to two of her patterns, Foreign Currency and Hatchetee.

Andrea Shuman (aka Cookie's Crafts) has posted revis…

Weekly Challenge #4 "Starry-Eyed Surprise"

Laura Harms has issued Weekly Challenge #4 "Starry-Eyed Surprise". 

I'll be traveling this week sans PC, so I won't be participating in this or next week's challenge, but I anticipate coming back and enjoying the results that everyone else comes up with.  Go forth and get stars in your eyes!!!!
Maria Thomas does this lovely little thing in her zentangles, to add highlights.  Rick refers to them as Sparks.  It's simply a matter of making some lines shorter than others, but it's very effective.  I'm using Sparks here to spice up an otherwise bland pattern.  The reason I offer this otherwise bland pattern, is that it makes a great background.  It is also great practice for linework. 
The outer lines can be hard to draw because they are so long.  

Tips:Work on a steady surface.  Look at where you want the line to end, not where you are currently drawing. Keep your hand light.  If you press down, trying to control your pen, you just make yourself more wobbly! Once you start having trouble, stop adding lines.  You can get bolder as you get better. 
Edited to add: On my flickr site post, Marguerite1997 left a tip that I hadn't considered.  She said "And remember to pull your pen, not push it. Little drafting tip."  The minute I read this, I knew she was right.…
This floral design has a lot of potential for customization.  The loopy lines in step 4 can be left out, especially if space is cramped.  I used a different variation of fill in my example.  Note, too, that in my example I used Hortensial in an Ogee pattern.  The Ogee is a good way to add elegance to almost any pattern. 

Links to 14 tangle pencasts

Lonecreature (aka Melissa) has posted links to several pencasts she has made.  I've only had time to watch one of them, but it was very well done.  I'm hoping to get a chance to watch them all soon, but don't wait me!  Dive in!

The tangles:



Dragon's Wings

Lites, Sunzhine, Bose, Ice-Swirls and 'Please name me'


Dragon's Breastplate

Link to tangle pattern "Cubine"

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to the official tangle "Cubine", as well as some Origami instructions on folding money into hearts and rings.  Fun stuff!

Weekly Challenge #3 "Eyes Wide Shut"

"Weekly challenge #3-Eyes Wide Shut"

I don't think this was as much of a challenge for me as it was for a lot of people.  For me, Zentangle has always been about surrendering to my muse, letting her take over instead of using my brain to force a drawing in the direction I wanted it to.

I've never actually closed my eyes before, but I often scatter dots around the page, and then just connect them willy-nilly.  In this case, drawing in a journal helped, because I could feel the edges, and didn't have the fear that I'd run off the page.  I did get a string that was a little shakier than normal, but as you can see from the completed zen below it, the shaky just blended right in.

I did a second one (but didn't have a chance to scan in the string before continuing).  This will be a good method of starting a zen on those days when I'm feeling as though my creative salts are all clumped up.

Link to tangle pattern "Coil" and an apology

I've updated my list of tangle patterns so be sure to check it out.

One of the reasons for this post is to apologize to Sue Jacobs.  Sometimes I get behind in adding tangles to my Access database, and then I don't remember all that have been posted.  Her tangle "Coil" was one I forgot.  I will forget to add tangles or link to them occasionally (hopefully, only occasionally), but it was her first tangle pattern, which makes it special.  I did link to Coil last year, but I link here again, just to make sure people have a chance to find it.

The other reason I post this post is to ask that people let me know if I have overlooked their tangle patterns,  Whether I didn't link it, or forgot to add it to the list, please, please let me know.  It will make my job easier, and I want my list to be as complete as possible.

If you know of any tangle pattern I've missed, not just your own, please let me know.  The pattern doesn't even have to be posted online.  My list…

Links to tangle pattern "Tree", "Loopies" & "Fishface"

Andrea Shuman (aka Cookie's Crafts) has posted instructions to three beautiful tangles, ."Tree", "Loopies" & "Fishface".

My tangle pattern "Garlix"

So, I've been posting a lot of the Ogee and Faux-gee patterns lately.  You know.  The ones that look like strings of garlic bulbs.  So this time, I really went with the garlic look.  This pattern does well with the rough and ready, so just heap it on, and get creative.
No resulting bad breath.  Guaranteed.

Weekly Challenge #3 "Eyes Wide Shut"

It's Mu-u-u-nday!!! That means Laura Harms weekly challenge #3 is up -- and it's "Eyes Wide Shut"!   Be sure you look at her example before deciding this one is too difficult.  It's a perfect example of what you can achieve when start something from a different angle. 

Go for it!

My tangle pattern "FauxGee"

I've posted a few tangles lately that are based on the Ogee pattern.  Sometimes, though, you want the look but you don't want the work.  Especially if you are planning a lot of curve, keeping that nice even in and out look is difficult.
So here's a faux Ogee based on 8's.  It's a bit rougher looking, but can take more hit and miss and still look good.