Friday, April 29, 2011

Rotring Rapidograph pen review

The Rotring Rapidograph uses a cartridge, and there is technical language, which I won't attempt to repeat, that says in essence--little to no maintenaince

The cartridge is easy to install, once you read the instructions (I didn't, lol).  The pen feels good in the hand, but, so what? you ask.  How well does it work?

I chose a .18 size nib, which is small, and the size I would use most often.  After about two weeks, the line is as crisp and fresh as it was brand new, even after heavy use on textured paper.  Which is what I would expect from a good technical pen.  I draw constantly, and the Micron Pigma's nibs, of similar size--.005 and .003--would be wearing down within that time frame.

Pros:  The Rotring rapidograph performs well and requires little maintenance. 

Before I get to the Cons--most technical pens have little tubes that you can refill with bottled ink.  That's good, because the bottled ink is cheaper, and easy to find, and you can switch colors, and sometimes the type of ink.

Except--there is a saying.  You can't spell LAME without ME.  Yup.  I carefully squeeze that ink into the little tube.  And watch it splatter across the wall, the floor, me, and generally go everywhere except into the little tube.  Plus, I'm impatient.  Most technical pen tips, especially smaller nib sizes, will clog up.  Then you take them apart, and if you don't bend them (I do) you soak them in water, alcohol or special cleaning fluid.  Sometimes for days.  Which means you can't always use the pen when you want it.

So, I need a cartridge-based pen.  Okay.  I want a cartridge based pen.

Cons: The pen isn't cheap.  Prices vary by nib size.  At DickBlick's the Koh-i-noor Rapidograph .18 mm is $21. 99, where the Rotring Rapidograph .18mm is $35.51. 

You have to find and buy replacement cartridges, which run around $7 plus shipping and handling for 3 cartridges. 

Both the pen and cartridges are hard to find.  DickBlick's, NYCentral Art Supply and MisterArt all carry them, but I haven't found them at other online art stores that I'm familiar with. I have not been able to find them in any of the three art stores in the Portland, Oregon area.

I can't say that the performance is better than the Koh-i-noor technical pen.  On the other hand, my Koh-i-noors all lie unused due to bent nibs and the desire to avoid ink clean ups.  In the recent past, I've been using Micron Pigmas and truthfully, I could buy a lot of Microns for the cost of this pen.  But I'm tracking how long the cartridge lasts, because it might be cheaper in the long, long, long run.

If you go looking for the Rotring Rapidograph, be aware that the Rotring Artpen is an entirely different animal.  It's far easier to find, but is more like a fountain pen.  There are also older versions of the Rotring Rapidograph that don't use the cartridge, so be careful to get what you really want, if you buy from ebay or other auction site.

Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying using the pen.  Here are some of the drawings I've done so far, using it for the fine detail and shading.

I'm on Twitter now

I've been on Twitter (@molossus1 ) for a while now, but haven't used it, fearing yet another time-sucking involvement on the web.  But I've fallen from grace, lured by giveaways, and am now tweeting.

It's kind of an experiment to see if I can keep from spending too much time there, so I've decided to start tweeting my links to tangles there as well as here on my blog.

My thought was, that with retweeting being so easy, that maybe word of new tangles would spread even further faster.  So if you are on Twitter and want to get your links there, join me.

Interesting way to store tangle samples

MafĂȘ Mavromati has been keeping a mosaic of tangle examples, and she's compiled them into a booklet.  It's pretty cool, so you might want to check it out.

Link to tangle patterns Leilani, Maylea and Clouds

Zentanglers! Rhapsody has posted instructions to tangles Leilani & Maylea and Clouds.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Flos

stART, aka Christina Vandervlist, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Flos".

Link to tangle pattern Dekore

Linda Farmer, of, has posted instructions for Kari Schultz's pattern "Dekore".

Link to tangle pattern Spidert

theHypermonkey, aka Opal, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Spidert".

Link to tangle pattern Roseira and Spinrose

MafĂȘ Mavromati has posted instructions to her tangle patterns Roseira and Spinrose.

Link to tangle pattern Florentine, and Linienspiele

Rhapsody has posted instructions for her tangle patterns Florentine, and for Linienspiele 01, 02, 03 and 04.

Question: White Sharpies?

I saw on Twitter that Sharpie has a white marker.  I'm always on the look out for a white pen that will write over dark, so I went to Amazon to check it out. 

To my bemusement, I discovered a White Sharpie Paint pen, a White Sharpie Oil-based Marker, a White Sharpie Poster-paint (Water-based) pen, a White Sharpie Permanent Paint marker and a White Sharpie Mean Streak Marking Stick, Broad Tip.  I also saw a White Pentel felt-tipped marker.

Anyone tried any of these?  Some of them are under $3, most are near $10 or above.  I'm wondering if any of these are worth putting on my ever-burgeoning wish list.

Link to tangle pattern Kohn.

stART, aka Christina Vandervlist, has posted the link to her tangle pattern "Kohn".

Link to tangle pattern Dutch Hourglass

Margaret Bremner has posted instructions to her new tangle "Dutch Hourglass".

Julie O'Kama's blog & New Supply Company-Poppin

Julie O'kami has a blog, Whatever, that I've been haunting lately (though I've been bad and do not comment as often as I should).  It's full of reviews, links and the occasional giveaway (I admit it.  I discovered the blog by following the scent of a giveaway, lol).  It's a great blog, and if you are like me, a lover of art and office supplies, you need this blog!

Today's blog post introduces a new office supply, Poppin (I won't supply the link, because you should visit Julie's blog) that isn't fully launched, but promises to be interesting.  At the end of Julie's post she has a link that allows you to be invited as a customer to Poppin.  They state you would be disappointed if you accept the invitation, so, of course, I did!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Link to tangle pattern "Ragz"

stART, aka Christina Vandervlist, has posted instructions and variations for her tangle pattern "Ragz".

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Challenge #19-More Morris: My attempt

Laura Harms'  Weekly Challenge #19 was to do 'More Morris' using William Morris' technique of light on dark.  I decided to combine this with a save I needed to do, so I drug out my Pitt Fat Brush pen in Black and covered over work I'd done earlier in my Thick Lokta journal.  My black is running out of ink so I added some Sanguine to the background as well.  Then I used a Sakura white gellyroll.   I didn't cover as much as I usually do.  I kind of liked the textured effect that occurred as a result of the fading ink, and the heavy texture of the Lokta paper, so I left a lot of it showing.

Link to tangle pattern Easter

Eric of the flickr duo, Country15 has created instructions to a tangle pattern, "Easter".

Link to DoodleTuts

This isn't exactly zentangle related, but I came across this cool site, Doodletuts, lured by the prospect of a giveaway (yeah!  They have a giveaway going now for some Letraset promarkers!).

Doodletuts describes themselves as:  "a blog/art community designed to deliver some of the best tutorials on drawing, sketching and art techniques on the web. Doodletuts aims to deliver tutorials for real beginners right through to articles aimed at the more advanced readers.
Our main aim is to keep all of our tutorials easy to follow and in a understandable format so that anyone of any level can follow them."

From what I've seen they are heavy on Manga technique, but, hey!, it might be interesting to try doing a zentangle with Manga influence.  I'm putting that on my things to do list (which is wa-a-a-ay too long already, lol). 

The Archive section is nicely laid out giving you more than one way to browse through past postings.  I checked out some of the reviews and added a few things to my Want to Have list (another one of those long, long growing things!).  Most of the brands reviewed are British/European, which makes some of them hard to find for my North American self.  I like that.  I can learn about brands that I might be unaware of otherwise, and keep my eye peeled for a chance to find them.

So, even if you aren't into Manga, I think this is a cool site, and worth checking out for the reviews and giveaways, alone.  I intend to browse through the tutorials as well.  You never know what technique might start a creative avalanche!

Weekly Challenge #19-More Morris

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #19 is More Morris. She challenges us to do a zentangle using William Morris' technique of light on dark.  So pull out your white or light gel type pens and dark paper and tangle your little hearts out!

Link to tangle pattern Jash

Zendoodle-Wege, aka Phine, has posted instructions to the tangle pattern "Jash".

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Aquee

Jaycadian202, aka Jane, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Aquee".

Link to tangle pattern Morning Flower

Eric, of the flickr duo Country15 (which also includes Marie-Noelle) has posted instructions to his tangle pattern "Morning Flower".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Japonicus

theHypermonkey, aka Opal, has instruction to her tangle pattern "Japonicus", which is a variation on my pattern Japonica.

Link to pattern Thiebaud Cakes

Amanda Miller shares a pattern that she teaches to elementary school children, "Thiebaud Cakes".  She isn't presenting it as a tangle, but it certainly could be.  It's very 3D, and delightful enough to enchant child and adult alike!

Link to tangle pattern Leau and Agua

Christina Vandervlist, aka stART, has posted instructions to her two new tangles "Leau" and "Agua".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Link to tangle patterns "Segoe Lily" and "Bel Fiore"

Ledenzer, aka LeeAnn, has posted instructions to her tangles "Sego Lily" and "Bel Fiore".

Link to tangle pattern Fleurette

Amaryllis Creations, aka Genevieve Crabe has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Fleurette".

Link to tangle pattern Pinstwarp

Paint Chip, aka Cindy Angiel, has posted both a worksheet and video instructions for her tangle "Pinstwarp".  The video appears first in her post and you have to scroll down to get to the worksheet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Link to tangle patterns Wiltshire1, Wiltshire2, and Wiltshire3

hiitsjustmee ,aka  Liz T., has posted instructions to her patterns "Wiltshire1", "Wiltshire2", and "Wiltshire3".

My tangle pattern "Twistle"

I'm feeling share-y today so you get two tangle patterns for the price of none!

Kit @ Dreamscribe Designs turned me onto a book "The Great Book of Celtic Patterns" and three pages in I had to stop and create a pattern.

My tangle pattern "Volcano"

I've been playing around with knitting patterns (you may have noticed from my current ZTs, lol!).  This is what a knitting stitch looks like translated into tangle! 

Check out these Tangleations

Rooike1, aka Jeanet, has posted some possible tangleations on various patterns.

Link to tangle patterns Curly Braces Too, Octagonal, and Dayzee

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has given us instructions to three new tangles this morning, "Curly Braces Too","Octagonal", and "Dayzee".

Monday, April 18, 2011

My attempt at Weekly Challenge #18

This week's challenge from Laura Harms' was Easter-inspired. She asks us to draw and tangle an egg.    So I did, and I made them extra bold and bright so they'd be easy to find,lol!

Link to tangle pattern Scrawlz

JayCadian202, aka Jane, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Scrawlz".

Weekly Challenge #18 EGGZZZZellent

Laura Harms' Easter-inspired Weekly Challenge #18 is EGGZZZZellent! Draw and tangle an egg. 

Link to tangle pattern Plica

Jeannine Schoonaert has posted the steps to her tangle pattern "Plica".

Link to tangle pattern Clover Leaf

Ledenzer, aka LeeAnn, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Clover Leaf".

Link to tangle pattern S-Curves

Danni O'brien has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "S-Curves".

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Trigon

LoneCreature, aka Melissa Hughes, has posted a link to her pattern "Trigon", using a different method of showing the steps, as well as supplying a link to one of her pencasts.

Link to tangle pattern Cartoosh

CZT, Jaycadian202, aka Jane, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Cartoosh".  Very 3D-ish this one.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Organza

CZT, stART, aka Christina, has posted instructions for a tangle, Organza, devised by fellow CZT, Ruth Howard.  It's evidently the first of several tangles they've been working on together, so we'll have lots to look anticipate!  

Link to tangle pattern "Our Tablecloth"

Eric, of the Country15 duo, has come up with a pattern created from their tablecloth.  It's possible he'll rename it, though I think "Our Tablecloth" has a sort of ring to it, lol!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Asian Fans

Suzanne McNeil has just posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Asian Fans".

List of tangle patterns now split into two pages

I've been having a lot of problems updating my list of tangle patterns lately, and I think it is related to size.

So I've capped the original List of tangle patterns at 1000 on the first page, and copied the remaining 193 to a second page.  I'll continue to update the 193 but the 1st 1000 will stay the same. 

I've added 01 and 02 so you'll know which page is which.  I'm sorry if this messes up your links.

Link to tangle pattern Folie-form

CZT, Jaycadian202, aka  Jane, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Folie-Form".

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Link to tangle pattern C's the Day

One of the most wonderful things about zentangle is that it breaches the generation gap.  Here's a delightful new tangle, C's the Day, from 13-year old Birdie.

My tangle pattern Entwine

Ahh, the sorrows of growing old.  Someone posted a zentangle, where they had used a preprinted interlace design.  Marguerite Meara commented that I probably had steps to the pattern.  I didn't, but now I do.

I wrote the who, what, when and where down, but promptly mislaid the paper (honestly, I don't know why I write anything down.  I always lose it), and I can't remember any of the info I wrote down.  So there's the sad, sad story.  If anyone knows the ZT I'm talking about, I'd love to link to it.

This is an advanced pattern.  I could have done it in six steps, but I wanted to emphasize the alternation of the peaks.  You draw a peak that narrows at the top, then a peak that narrows at the bottom, leaving a space between the two.  That space is interlace, and sets the width of the lace.  You repeat this alternation for the length you want for the braid.

Like most interlace, it takes a little patience and a little practice. I had a hard time figuring out how to do it, until I laid the pattern on it's side.  If you are having trouble, try doing it up and down instead from left to right.  I think it looks kind of cool at step 5, so if you're having a lot of trouble, just bag steps 6-9 and leave it at that.  This is supposed to be fun!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Spex

hiitsjustmee, aka Liz T, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Spex".

Link to tangle pattern Idstamin

theHypermonkey, aka Opal, has posted instructions for her pattern "Idstamin".

Link to tangle patterns, Curley Brace and Swags

Perfectly4med aka Neil Burley, has posted instructions for two new patterns, "Curley Brace" and "Swags".

Link to tangle pattern LaBel

s_j_60010, aka Sue Jacobs, has posted instructions to another of her lovely patterns, "LaBel".

Link to tangle pattern Leiter

Phine has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Leiter".

Link to tangle pattern Paper Lantern

Cindy Angiel has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Paper Lantern" as well as a YouTube video showing how to draw the pattern.

Weekly Challenge #17-15 minutes of fame

I'm sorry.  I didn't post the link to Laura Harms' weekly challenge yesterday.  I got distracted and then totally forgot.  Hopefully, most of you found your way there and have already taken up your pen.  The challenge this week is to do a timed zentangle- Weekly Challenge #17-15 minutes of fame.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Sheenwaz

Jaycadian202, aka Jane, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Sheenwaz", as well as some more interesting details of her CZT training.

Link to tangle pattern Keenees

Donna Hornsby has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Keenees".

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Link to tangle patterns Beanpodz and Florem

Perfectly4med aka Neil Burley has posted instructions to his tangle patterns "Beanpodz" and "Florem".

Link to tangle pattern Demona and Lexi

Devona has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Demona", and Phine has posted instructions to her tangle Lexi

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Link to tangle pattern "Zee" and "Bevia"

Beth Skipper has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Zee", and Margaret Bremner has posted instrucitons to "Bevia".

Friday, April 8, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Sanibelle

Tricia, CZT, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Sanibelle".

Link to tangle pattern Clemonsi

theHyperMonkey, aka Opal, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Clemonsi".

Review of the Revised Alphatangle book

Revised Alphatangle book by Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Original                      Revised
Pages: 62                    Pages: 68
Size: 4" x 4"                Size: 4.5" x 5.5"
Cover Color:Black        Cover Color: Red
No instruction              Instruction: Tools--All You Really Need
                                  Instruction: The Basic Steps
                                  Steps are shown for: Printemps, Hollibaugh, Ennies

Alphatangle isn't meant to be a teaching book. It's a handy-dandy reference that shows beautiful examples of many patterns, but not the steps to creating them.  It does not show how to draw the patterns.  I emphasize this, because it's a delightful book, but people can be disappointed if they are expecting something different.

The original version is slightly more portable because of its smaller size.  The
revised version has four pages of instruction for beginners. 

Not all of the tangles in the book are official tangles, and not all of the official tangles are shown, but this is the largest collection of them to be found (unless you take the CZT training).  If you want a small reference, easily carried, then this is the book for you.

I carry the original version of Alphatangle with me all the time, and it has started to fall apart (I've lost the opening page!), so it was a no-brainer for me to buy this revised version.  Amazon says they still have 1 new of the Original available, but I don't believe it's available elsewhere unless someone is selling it on ebay.

Tangle Examples in Book
Crescent Moon
Kathy's Dilemna
Paradox aka Rick's Paradox
W-2 (Warp & Weft)

Link to tangle pattern Toonzeez

JayCadian202, aka Jane, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Toonzeez".

Link to zentangle videos

If you haven't already discovered them, Suzanne McNeil has 5 videos on zentangle at Jerry's
Artama.  Once you've opened one of these, there are links to the others over to the lower right, so you don't have to come back here.

The Newest Way to Meditate: Zentangle Basics  

Drawing Zentangle on a Dark Background Using Gel Pens  

How to Incorprate Watercolors with Zentangle Drawings  

How to Use Markers and a Blending Pen with Zentangle  

How to Zentangle Using Clayboard and Micron Pens

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Flow-rz and variation Dazeeline

CZT, Mary Masi has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Flow-rz" along with a couple of border variations, Dazeeline, and Dazee Flow-rz.

Link to tangle pattern Brandywine

s_j_60010, aka Sue Jacobs, has posted instructions to her pattern, "Brandywine".

Link to tangle pattern Chauwi

Ruth Art has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Chauwi".

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Nelumba

prtish40, aka Patty, has posted the instructions to her tangle pattern "Nelumba".

JayCadian202 posts about her CZT Training

JayCadian202 has several interesting posts about her view of zentangle, before and after her CZT training, and discusses Zentangle Inspired Art, at her website.  Interesting reading!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Swirly Leaf

Paint Chip, aka Cindy Angiel, has posted instructions to tangle pattern "Swirly Leaf".

My tangle pattern "Tortoiseshell"

I thought this one looked vaguely Easterish, in a sort tortoiseshell way.  You can think of these as a series of lovely tortoiseshell carved eggs (ancient, of course.  We don't want any newly carved tortoiseshell), or you can picture these as being left by the Easter Turtle.  Your choice.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Link to tangle pattern "Overturned"

Cookie's Crafts, aka Andrea Shuman, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Overturned".

Big Elephant in Little Rowboat

I recently posted a zentangle that I titled, Big Elephant in Little Rowboat.  Everyone (meaning the couple of people who asked) wanted to know how elephant got to sea.  Ledenzer made a comment about drawing other animals in precarious situations (LeeAnn is my muse this week, lol!), and this is the story that popped into my brain:

Well, one day the animals are complaining about their dwindling food supply, and how the balance of nature is being upset.  They blame this on the humans, and decide to take over the world and demand more food.  Animals live in the now, and they launch their war on the spot.  Each group of animals goes their own way, not bothering to make any plans.

The elephants march to the ocean, and they can see a cruise ship floating in the distance.

Big Elephant  says, “Cruise ships have all kinds of food!  You can eat 24 hours a day.  Everyone knows that.  Let’s take over the cruise ship!” 

Littlest Elephant says, “Look.  There’s a bunch of rowboats.  We can row out to the ship, and shoot snot at it, until they agree to our demands!”  Elephants love to shoot snot out their trunks.  Just ask anyone who ever been close to elephants.

The elephants love this idea, and pile into the rowboats.  To their dismay most of them sink, tip over, or break into pieces.    Only Big Elephant manages to float out to sea, and once afloat, he is none too happy.  He hadn’t realized how choppy seawater waves are, and how uncomfortable a big elephant stomach can get.

As he draws closer one of the passengers aboard the ship sees his plight.  “Look!” he cries, “Elephant overboard!”  The passenger knows that isn’t quite correct, but what do you say when you see an elephant in a rowboat?

Somehow, the ship’s crew manages to get him on board (I don't know how!  Didn't I say somehow? Lol!). 

Despite his gratitude, Big Elephant remains true to his objective.  When the captain comes close to shake his trunk in congratulation, Big Elephant wraps his trunk around the captain’s hand.

“I’ll sit on him,” says Big Elephant.  “I’ll sit on him unless you accede to my demands!”

“What are your demands?” asks the captain.

Big Elephant thinks about it.  The animals hadn’t really discussed their demands, so he has to wing it.
“You’ll give me enough hay to feed all the elephants in the world forever.”  That doesn’t seem enough, so he continues, “Every elephant must wander free wherever he wants to go.  But we promise we won’t step on your little dogs. Unless they bite us.  And, if we enter your house to watch TV, we’ll stay out of the bedrooms.”  He thinks some more.  “We’ll stay out of the kitchens too, if popcorn is provided.”

The passengers are charmed.  “Everyone should have access to TV and popcorn.”  They immediately turn traitor to their own kind, not quite understanding that Big Elephant is declaring war.  They insist that the captain call the Leaders of the World and present Big Elephant’s demands.  The captain isn’t quite so charmed, but he can’t feel his hand any longer, so he agrees.

The World Leaders see the possible profits to be made, and agree to Big Elephant’s demand.  They immediately begin subsidizing hay crops, and home repair businesses.  Immediately meaning as soon as the corrupt politicians have the chance to buy up hay crops and home repair shops, and the uncorrupt politicians have the chance to divert funds towards independent task forces devoted to investigating fraud and black market sales of hay.  The World Market rallies and the economy temporarily stabilizes.

Elephant has won his phase of the attack.  He wonders how Hippo, and Orangutang and Butterfly are doing.  If anyone wishes to write these stories or others, please do!  Or maybe, I should write them and put them all in a book, lol!

Weekly Challenge #16: MOOKA!

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #16 is to use Mooka, the new tangle that Rick and Maria Thomas have given us.   I suspected that would be the challenge and cheated, starting this zentangle last night  (Hey, Laura's day starts before mine, so I didn't start that early!)

I'm not terribly happy with it.  The Mooka's okay.  It's a couple of tangle wannabes that I was trying out, that didn't work so well.  But that's the only way to tell if something I see in my mind translates to paper.  I'll have to try again, because sometimes I don't always get the 'accent' right, the first time I try, lol.

Link to tangle pattern Qudele

Beth Skipper put together a 'How To' for "Qudele", one of the the tangle variations that emerged from her Venntangle exercise.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Link to tangle pattern "Mooka"

If you haven't seen it already, Rick and Maria Thomas have posted the latest edition of their newsletter, which includes a lovely new tangle, "Mooka".

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Esses

Decided to take one more gander at the blogs I follow before hitting the hay, and I discovered that Cris/Cristine Letourneau has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Esses".

And with that, dear bloggers, I wish you good nite!  See ya'll (y'all? y'a'll? yawn?) tomorrow!

Link to tangle pattern Shimono

JJLaBarbera has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Shimono".

Friday, April 1, 2011

Link to tangle pattern "Sundoo"

Found a tangle pattern that I missed back in February.  I just discovered Janee's blog, and her pattern "Sundoo".  Scroll down (taking time to enjoy the results of one of Laura Harms' challenges) and you'll find Sundoo towards the bottom of the post.

Ginger Horse #ZentangleInspiredArt #FountainPen #PenAndInk

You know how sometimes a work just fights you while you're trying to draw it?  I had an idea tickling my brain, a desire to combine styl...