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My tangle pattern: Rauschi and Amanita

I have family coming into town tomorrow, and I don't know how much time I'll be online next week.  I decided I'd better get in a tangle pattern or two, to hold you over!

Do you know that cactus are just the most interesting critturs in the world?  Them things is awesome, and snarly, and beautiful, and just every shape you can imagine, and a few you'd be afraid to!  I've been gathering photos, and you'll be seeing some cactus inspired tangles in the near future.  Here's one to get you started--Rauschi:

Now just behind cactus, for awesomeness, you have ornamental food and fungus.  Cabbage, kale, peppers, mushrooms--heck, you can indulge in these kind of tangle patterns without gaining a single pound!   Here's a mushroom that would actually help you lose weight--Amanita, the death-cap:

Link to tangle pattern-Chainlette

Rose Twofeather has posted a tangle pattern, Chainlette, in the zentangle flickr pool.  Check it out!

My tangle patterns: Frillytunia

This is fun little floral gadget that looks great with color.

For Marie: Untangling an example from 'Totally Tangled'

Marie asked if I could untangle one of the examples on Page 8 of Sandy Bartholomew's book, 'Totally Tangled'.  I asked Sandy for permission, which she gave, so I'm giving it a whirl--or actually a swirl, lol!

This pattern has a lot in common with the official tangle, Hurry.  Instead of straight lines, you are using curved ones, and you are emphasizing the curves.

I'm keeping it simple, using an 'S' shape with three repetitions, as a base.  When you get used to this pattern though, you'll be doing longer swirls with more curves and labyrinth-like twists.  I hope this helps, Marie!

I used an 'S' to make the instructions simpler, but you can use any shape, or just random squiggles.  Here is an example, using the shape of the letter 'M'.

Link to New tangle pattern-E.U.

Toni Henneman posted another tangle pattern, E.U., that was created by one of her students, Rob Marin. It looks like a lot of fun!

Link to New Tangle by Shelley Beauch

Shelley has pasted the instructions to one of her tangles, Bloomin Butter, at the Zentangle Flickr group.

Tangle pattern 'Up and Away' at Suzanne McNeil's blog

Suzanne has posted about a guilting experience, and given the instructions for the pattern 'Up and Away'.

Sandy Bartholomew is back

Sandy is back from her trip to Egypt and Israel (she's posted about it here).  If you wish to buy her book and haven't signed up to be alerted when she's put it back on sale, you can sign up here

Yay, Sandy!  We're glad to have you back!

Link to New tangle patterns by Toni Henneman

Toni Henneman has posted the instructions to some tangles, both her own (agaestra and agate leaf) and some of the official ones.

My Tangle Patterns: Annet, Tast, Kristy's Crown & Twofeather

I'm feeling in the mood to post tangle patterns today.  It's spring, so I'm feeling good!  I've posted 4 patterns, so I'm going to leave out sample art, and issue a challenge.  Use any of these patterns, post the work somewhere and let me know.  I'll post your work so everyone can see how many ways they can be used.

Lately, I've been getting inspiration from Annet's Fatquater blog and a tangle pattern created by my friend Kristy (aka Rose Twofeather). 

Annet posts these lovely samplers of her stitches.  They are so nice and clear,  I can see all sorts of possibilities for tangle patterns.  Here are two:

The inspiration for Annet is here:   and Tast is here.

 The patterns I've created based on Kristy's lovely 'Thistle's Crown' qualify as variations, and though I've added some twists, I must give credit to Kristy.  Therefore, these two tangles are called:


My Tangle Patterns: Boojum & Featured artist Shelley Beach

As I was out surfing zentangles one day,
This particular zen blew me away.
Then I espied a tangle I knew,
And now, I'll share both with you!

Lol!  Sorry for doggerel--it's spring!!!

By the way--note how the dark under the swirls creates depth.

Halcyon Originally uploaded by Shelly Beauch

New tangle pattern 'Growth' from Suzanne McNeil

Suzanne McNeil has posted the directions to the tangle Growth.

Featured Artist-Marvin's Hand by Rose Twofeather

Marvin's Hand ~ Moleskine 8 x 5 1/4 Journal
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather I just had to share this work.

Not just a beautiful piece of art,
it's a piece of her heart.
It's love, it's devotion,
A sketch of emotion
Between two who will never part.

Featured Artists-Charmed by Marie, Carolegn, Rose Twofeather & Sinbusters

Zentangling is going ballistic!  I hope I've posted all the art I asked permission to blog.  There are getting to be so many artists, it's hard for my little brain to keep track!  I want to blog them all! 

You shall go to the ball......
Originally uploaded by charmed by marie

Jester's arena
Originally uploaded by carolegn

Black Pearl and Sprout by Rose Twofeather

Originally uploaded by sinbusters1

Rick and Maria have sent out the latest newsletter.  They show the instructions for the tangle pattern 'Bales', with some interesting variations.
Suzanne McNeil has posted about 'Totally Tangled', Sandra Bartholomew's new book, and has given the instructions for the tangle pattern, Swirls.

My Tangle Patterns: Dusk & Bender

Here are a couple of tangle patterns that are good for learning a little more about shading.  It this case, it is 'cast' shadow, the shading that happens when an object blocks the light, and it's outline is cast behind it.
With Bender, the light hits from above, and the cast shadow is beneath.  It gives the bars a 3D appearance.
With Dusk, the light is to the right and the cast shadow on the left.  Notice how the shadow side of the tree is also dark.  Try playing with how dark and how wide the shadows are.  See what happens if you detach the cast shadow and draw it a little farther from the bars or trees.
Notice, too, that the bars and trees get smaller the farther away they are from you.

The String Method

Turtles at Rest-Traded
Originally uploaded by molossus, who believes that Life Imitates Doodles People have asked if I use the string method, so I thought I would scan a drawing at each step. I often use 8's for my string, just placed every which where and way.

Then I do the tangles, and then I shade. Normally, I do some of the shading as I go because it's my favorite part of the zen.

My Tangle Patterns: Winerax

While perusing the wonderful art at the Zentangle flickr group I noticed that someone had used one of the tangle patterns I haven't posted yet.   So I figured I'd better post it, lol!

It's one of my favorites.  It's a great pattern for learning more about shading--try increasing and decreasing the amount of dark.  Add more than the two lines.  Leave out the first two steps (the grid) and just start drawing boxes.  See how the look changes when you do these things.

It's also a great tangle for learning how to curve your pattern, and that's why I added the grid.  When you draw the first two steps try curving the lines.  Then draw your boxes following the curves.  

Featured Artists: Carolegn, Polyana, Sunny Hall, Rose Twofeathers,Flowerlady56 & Ca

Bumble & Squeak - Zentangle 12/04/10Originally uploaded by carolegn

Zentangle 10/04/10 Originally uploaded by

Originally uploaded by sunny hall

n07a Originally uploaded by Polyana

Lacy River ~ATC~ Traded
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather

Black Pearl ~Official Zentangle Tile~ For Trade
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather

Peek a Boo-Traded
Originally uploaded by flowerlady56

Purple & Green Zentangle Bookmark
                                                                                        Originally uploaded by CaZaTo Ma
The Zentangle Flickr Group is just sizzling with talent.  New artists are showing up everyday, and I'm just astonished at the wonderful art that is being posted.   It's always a thrill to me to see when someone has used one or more of my tangle patterns, and I just have to share with you!

Laced: A tangle pattern from Mary Elizabeth Martin

Mary has posted the instructions for a new pattern, Laced, on her blog. 

It's totally cool, and I can't wait to try it.

Totally Tangled: Review of Sandra Bartholomew's new zentangle book

It won't be the easiest thing to stay objective with my review of this book.  Because some of my tangle patterns and zentangles are included. *does the dance of joy*  But I'll do my best.

The book has 115 tangle patterns, if I counted correctly.  Each chapter has a 'theme'--patterns based on grids, patterns based on the flow of water, patterns based on japanese and egyptian designs and more. Brief, but specific tips on techniques are sprinkled liberally throughout the book.

For those of you looking for help with shading, Sandy avoids the technical, but gives you very specific information on different types of shading.

Great emphasis is placed on the reader learning to expand his or her own creativity.  The book is full of ideas for creating strings, discovering your own patterns, and using the patterns you've learned.

The bulk of the tangles are Sandy's, but she has also allowed 11 other artists to share their tangles.  I've listed the patterns in the book …

My Tangle Patterns: Kiwi & Fricasee

I love drawing circles, and making them look like pearls and rocks and bubbles.  Both of these tangles look great with color, and add both movement and interest to a tangle.

Shading: Note that in the example I used a contour shading to add depth. 

Art from Rose Twofeather and Flowerlady56

Originally uploaded by flowerlady56
Originally uploaded by flowerlady56

Kitty Dreams~ATC~For Finnegan... Lisa
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather
Fernerry ~ATC~ For Art Swap
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather I want to share some awesome zentangles with you. My patterns always look so much better when others do them!

Flowerlady56 has used my Spot and Contour tangles to make her work POP! The eye is fooled into seeing shape and curve. Her work is intricate and intriguing
Rose Twofeather has gone to town with some of my more wild patterns and she hasn't been afraid to add her own embellishments.  I love it!   She's also used Spot and Contour, and added a sense of depth and movement to the detail, while keeping a bold, open look.  Her work is intricate and whimsical.

Two styles. Two looks.  Four fantastic zentangles!

My tangle patterns: 88's

Here's a tangle I came up with while sitting in the doctor's office with my mother. (A glowing check-up-sooo different from the way she was this time last year!)

New tangle pattern, new teacher

I discovered a new website when I visited the Zentangle blog this morning-Oklahoma Zentangle Fans.  The blog belongs to Vicki Murray, a Certified Zentangle teacher.  She doesn't have too many posts yet but I predict this will be an interesting blog. 

She has posted a couple of unnamed zentangle patterns on her Tips, Techniques & Ideas page.

My Tangle Patterns: Centrifuge, Kinder and Nebulous

This one seems a little like eggs in a basket....

And this one seems a little like kids running crazy on candy-highs, so I thought they were good choices for today.

I've been trying to get around to posting Nebulous all week, but something came up everytime I tried. So I'm posting it as well, even though it isn't very Easter-like.

Tangle Pattern 'Queen's Crown' posted at Suzanne McNeil's blog

Suzanne has posted in her blog this morning about a workshop that she attended, and given the instructions for the Queen's Crown pattern from her zentangle book.