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Weekly Challenge #11: Monotangles-my attempt

Here's my response to Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #11: Monotangles.  I've been playing around with a Cadent in Cadent, and this was a good chance to really play with it. 

I did another attempt in color, but the scan was truly horrible.  I suspect that my scanner may be going on the fritz.  *sigh* 

Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #11" - Monotangle

Laura Harms' "Weekly challenge #11" is Monotangle!  Do a zentangle using one and only one tangle.  Whee!!!  That will be a hard one for me, for sure!

Link to tangle pattern "Hearts & Flowers"

Carol Taylor has posted instructions to her lovely pattern, "Hearts & Flowers".

My tangle pattern "Weequash"

Once again, The Phrontistery has given me the title for my tangle.  I'm stretching it--Weequash means in the dark, as in stumbling around in the dark.  I admit it.  I saw the word, while looking for something that meant light, fell in love with it, and had (HAD) to use it! 
This tangle makes me think of a chandelier or fancy lamp so it prevents anyone from weequashing around in the dark, lol!
For variation, you could stop at step 4, or you could add another tangle, such as Ignite, in the circles, or, as I did in the example, you could use auras around the whole tangle. If you want more detail about how I colored this tangle, see my Flickr post.

Link to tangle patterns-"Umbtry" & "Bullett Holz"

Craftydr has posted instructions to her pattern, "Umbtry"  and Andrea Shuman aka Cookie's Crafts has posted instructions to "Bullet Holes".  Enjoy!

Link to tangle pattern "Track Lighting"

Suzanne McNeil's latest blog entry has the instructions to the tangle "Track Lighting", as well as a link to a video showing how to create a 3D Shadowbox Card.

Animation of Rick's Paradox

RuthArt has posted an animation that shows how the official tangle 'Rick's Paradox' (often, just called Paradox) is done.

The animation only works when her flickr post is viewed at large size, so if it doesn't seem to be working, double-click on the picture.  When the new screen opens, you should see 'View all sizes' over to the upper left, next to three boxes.  Click on the largest box.

Shade, Shape, Blend Color & Add Texture

Linda Farmer, at, has posted a write-up I did on how to use the overlapping that occurs when coloring with pens.  It's most easily done with squirkling, but can also be used with straight lines, cross-hatching and other methods of line work. 

It's short, it's easy, and I hope you find it helpful!

Link to tangle pattern "Finny's Florets"

Check out this post at Kit's Dreamscribe Designs.  Kit introduces a pattern, "Finny's Florets" by newcomer to zentangle, Liz Selkirk.  Beautiful work, Liz!

Link to 5 tangle patterns-Vikky, Victorian Flake, Frilly-Vic, Victile & Birch

Perfectly4med aka Neil Burley has posted instructions to 5 wonderful tangles:

"Vikky", "Victorian Flake", "Frilly-Vic", "Victile"," Birch"

Link to an awesome tutorial site

I've been meaning to put up this link for a while and kept forgetting.  So here it is:

If it has to do with drawing, you'll probably find a tutorial here.  There are tons of downloadable lessons, broken down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  I could happily spend hours there (so I try to avoid going, lol).

When you open a lesson, you are given a brief overview.  This is not the whole lesson.  Click on the Download PDF to see more.  Despite the fact that it says download, it does not automatically download the file, so you won't get something you don't want.  If you do want to a copy, do a File, Save As from your browser menu bar.

Have fun, but keep an eye on the clock.  Time flies when you are having fun!

Link to tutorial

Jo In NZ has posted instructions for getting that 'shiny' highlighted look on your Striping pattern.  I call it a tutorial, but it's done up like a tangle, in 4 easy steps.

Link to tangle pattern "Spinning"

Another beauty from Mariët Dronten NL, "Spinning".

Art Using my tangle "Ignite"

I realized I'd forgotten to attach the example art when I put up my latest pattern yesterday.  It shows another 4 ways to use "Ignite".  I'm also using Gabriele's "Mr. Gibbon", "Nitti" from Liz Thayer, and "Navajo Border" & "Apache" from Neil Burley.

Link to tangle pattern "Nerfy"

Jane Monk aka bluejaneM has posted instructions to her very funky "Nerfy".

Link to tangle pattern "Marco's Star"

Gabkis aka Gabriele has posted instructions to the lovely Marco's Star.  Enjoy!

My tangle pattern "Ignite"

Simple, but oh, so useful!

Weekly Challenge #10-my attempt

Laura Harms' challenge to use white space is a hard one for me, because I'm also one of those people who hates to see a good space go unused.  But I've been working on that, so I jumped right on this one.  I decided to see if I could do a little mind-bending, taking your brain where no space has gone before! (What can I say?  It's Monday!).

The example uses several tangles from Sandy Bartholomew's "Yoga for your Brain".  Tung, Paisley, Botto, Itch, Chads, Gewgle and Circfleur.

Margaret Bremner has a contest--with a Prize!

Margaret Bremner is giving away one of her zendala artworks as prize for a metaphor contest.  What a wonderful prize!

Check her post for all the details.

Weekly Challenge #10-The Space Between

Laura Harms' challenge #10 (wow!  10 weeks has gone fast!)  is to consciously leave some white space (or untangled space, anyway, if you happen to be using colored paper) in your work.  Man your workstations!

Link to tangle pattern "Trentwith"

I just discovered "Trentwith", a pattern by Terri Greenberg.  I'm not sure how long it's been posted, so some of you might have already found it (and not told me!  Shame! Lol!).

Link to tangle pattern "Mr Gibbon"

Gabriele has posted instructions to tangle pattern, "Mr. Gibbon".  As the title would indicate he's a charmer!

Link to 4 tangle patterns by Neil Burley

Perfectly4med aka Neil Burley has posted instructions to 4 of his patterns, Santo, Apache, Navajo Border, San Ildefonso.  They're gorgeous!

Link to tangle pattern "Pyramids"

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her tangle "Pyramids", as well as showing how to zentangle a gourd!

Review of Yoga for Your Brain by Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Yoga for your Brain by Sandy Steen Bartholomew
Size: 8.5" x 8.5" (21.6 x 21.6 cm )
Pages: 52
Portability: Easily carried, but too big for most purses and a little thick for folders.

What can I say? Sandy Bartholomew has written the book I wish I had written! It has exercises, and projects, philosophy, and encouragement, all written clearly and with a wry sense of humor. The book is more advanced than its predecessor, Totally Tangled, going deeper into methods of shading, and for creating your own patterns.

If you are the person who says you can’t draw a stick figure, and you are very new to zentangle, this is a book you put on your list for later. But if you are an inexperienced tangler who has seen all those really cool zentangles and wondered how they were done—this is your book. And there are plenty of ideas for creativity so even the experienced tangler will find sources of interest.

The book is beautifully illustrated, and there are lots and lots of tangles—90 in all, 76 o…

Weekly Challenge #9 - my attempts

For Laura Harms Weekly Challenge #9-Using the Artoo tangle I started with a fairly simple drawing that isn't much along my usual style. I wasn't sure what color I should use around the Nzeppel, so I stopped and moved on to a second attempt.
As the 2nd attempt started taking on a nighttime in the woods I decided to try and give the Artoo tangle a 'glow'. See, I've sat in the hospital all night long with my mother, and I know that when Laura was creating this tangle, she wasn't just tangling. She was investing every ounce of her being with thoughts and prayers of healing for Artoo. I don't think I succeeded, but I was trying to convey a lights guiding the way through the wood effect.
Then I went back to attempt 1, and, strangely, for me, decided to leave it alone.  I think it's because I felt attempt 2 was so busy that the simplicity appealed to me as a change.

I made in onto the zentangle blog!

I'm tickled pink!  Rick and Maria have posted about a program called 'zflick' that can be used to search for flickr's zentangle-inspired images (as well as other themes from flickr sites).  A little way down the page, they show an enlarged image.  I looked close, and "yup".  It's "66 tangles", one of mine!  (Yeehaw!  My 15 minutes of fame!). 

Amazing how something like this cheers you up (even if you weren't blue).  No money, no freebies, just a tiny bit of bragging rights and all is well with the world!

New information on the List of Tangles page

We're up to 976 tangles according to my MS Access database.  I know there are more-I haven't received Sandy Bartholomew's "Yoga for the Brain".  I'll have over 1000 tangles in my list once I do!

And speaking of books,  I've added some information to my "List of Tangles" page.  If a tangle is found in a book (or books), you'll find the name of the book(s) after the artist's name. 

I've added "Alphatangles" even though the steps to the tangles aren't included.  It's a great reference, and lots of fun to study.  I'll add the tangles in "Yoga for the Brain" as soon as I get it!

Link to tangle patterns "Barbed", "Fishnet", "Ssstripe", "Name This Tangle" and "CWeedz"

A great day for tangle patterns.  It has always been a source of wonder to me how all of a sudden, people will all post something at once.  I've noticed it when I doing beta readings for fanfiction, and after a month or two of nothing, I'd suddenly get 10 requests at once.  I see the same thing with tangles.  There will be days with no new tangles, and then suddenly several will be posted.  Is it the weather?  The day of the week?  Scintillating conversation on the net?  What do you think?

And the fabulous tangles for today:

Claudia Ijben has posted instructions to "Barbed".  It's a pattern that uses alternating line directions to please the eye.

Mariët Dronten has posted instructions to her pattern, "Fishnet". Pay attention to the way she's shaded her example. It's awesome.

Cris has posted instructions to her first tangle patterns, "Ssstripe" and "CWeedz" and one, "Name This Tangle" that she is asking for help in n…

Link to tangle patterns "Square Dance", "Artoo" and Laura Harm's Weekly Challenge

Laura Harms', aka I am the Diva, challenge #9 and her new tangle pattern Artoo, are one the same!  She challenges everyone to use her new pattern in a Zentangle.  Great fun!

For another dose of elegance from S_J_60010, aka Sue Jacobs, check out her new pattern, Square Dance.  It's a beauty. For other news, my dental implants went well.  The procedure only took about an hour and half and I've had less pain then I've had with a root canal.  On the other hand, I've still got a little bleeding (just a little) which I shouldn't, so I've been told to stay down as much as possible.  I had to check in on everyone-had to-but I'll be out the rest of the day. Keep tangling!

Link to tutorial on drawing Ribbons

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Linda Farmer has posted a tutorial I wrote up on drawing ribbons at  I hope you all enjoy it.

I'll be leaving to get dental implants for my two front teeth (isn't that supposed to be for Christmas, not Valentine's Day?).  I'm not sure how bad it will be - I suspect not too bad, but if I disappear totally for a few days you'll know why.

Link to Coloring tutorial

LeeAnn aka Ledenzer has posted a step by step example of how she gets her fabulous colors.  It's well worth checking out even if you don't use color!

My tangle pattern Caviar

I had the hardest time drawing up this pattern, because so many possibilities occurred to me, as you can see from the example art.  I called the piece "Quantum Clam" because it looked kind of wide-mouth open clammy to me, and because the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Review of "Time to Tangle with Colors" by Marie Browning

Time to Tangle with Colors

About the Book

CZT, Marie Browning, has written a book that successfully combines theory and technique.  The beginner will revel in this book, and the experienced user will enjoy the artwork, and generous heaping of new tangles. There are 48 tangles in all, though many are border variations of another tangle. The artwork is done with Tombow dual brush pens, colored pencil, gel pen and micron pigma pen.

The book starts out explaining color theory, and then pen and pencil techniques.  In the tangle section, the author presents us with a glorious cascade of  examples and projects, briefly explaining technique and theory used for each. 

Size: 8.5 x 8.5
Pages: 52 pages, including covers
Portability: Too large for most purses, but it would fit into a PeeChee folder or briefcase.
What's in the book: Using Tombow Brush pens-direct & indirect coloring. Borders. Color Basics. Color Schemes. Splash Backgrounds. Mask & Spray Technique. Mask & Spray Techniqu…

Review of Zentangle 3, Zentangle 4 and Zentangle Fabric Arts by Suzanne McNeil

Review of Zentangle 3, Zentangle 4 and Zentangle Fabric Arts by Suzanne McNeil.

I missed reviewing Suzanne McNeil’s Zentangle 3 since it came out at a time when my mother was very sick, and I was more or less living at the hospital. My budget was tight, and I don’t do fabric arts, so I put off buying Zentangle Fabric Arts (not a good thing!) until just recently, and received it only one day before getting Zentangle 4.
I decided now was a good time to review all three books.  I’m reviewing in descending order. Zentangle 4 just came out, so I know it’s the book most people will want to learn about. 

You can find my review of Zentangle Basics and Zentangle 2 here

About the Books
As is keeping with Zentangle, all description throughout both books is minimal, but clear.  All of the books have a pictorial index at the back, showing each tangle shown in the book.  All three have an introduction to the theory of zentangle, list the supplies needed to start, and briefly discuss shading.  A…

Link to tangle pattern "Dust Devils"

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Dust Devils".  She's also got some information about the Craft and Hobby show she attended earlier this year, and a link to a YouTube video showing CZT, Penny Raile demonstrating how to tangle.  Fun for all of us to watch, and especially good for beginners who are wondering what it's all about.

Have you checked out the wonderful stories and art?

If you haven't seen the responses to my challenge so far, please check out the challenge page and follow the links.  There is wonderful art, and it's great fun reading what people see in the work.

Link to 4 tangle pattens & pencasts by Lone Creature

Melissa aka Lone Creature has posted pencasts to 4 new patterns.

Shatttered Pond

She has also posted the first of several planned Mandala templates, and if you haven't already checked out her page on Shading, I highly recommend it.  She has a lovely write-up of her own, as well as several links to other sites with information on the topic.

Link to tangle pattern "8 of Diamonds"

Sue Jacobs has posted instructions to her pattern "8 of Diamonds".

Link to tangle pattern "Lampions"

Mariët Dronten has posted instructions to her lovely pattern, Lampions.

Weekly Challenge #8 - my 2nd attempt

I wasn't too happy with my heart for Laura's weekly challenge #8.  I felt Artoo deserved something better.  The colors on this scanned in more orange than they actually are, but at least the style feels more me than the first one did.  This time I used Breath and Orbs. 

I'm using my tangle"Thoofen", Margaret Bremner's "Zedbra", and Neil Burley's "Mulhouse Border".

Link to tangle patterns Bonnet, Cross, Hatch, Circuit, Loave It and Plaid.

Jane Monk has posted a page from one of her journals  that shows steps to her tangle patterns Bonnet, Cross, Hatch and Circuit, as well as previously seen tangles Loave It and Plaid.

Link to 5 tangle patterns by Nei Burley

I haven’t seen tangles for Perfectly4med aka Neil Burley before, so I was surprised to see 5 totally beautiful tangles that he has posted at Freehand Doodle Patterns:  Lyon’s TileMulhouse BloomsMulhouse Border, Spring Balls, and Provençal .

Link to tangle pattern "Zedbra"

Margaret Bremner has posted instructions to her pattern "Zedbra".

Weekly Challenge #8 - my attempt

Laura Harm's challenge this week centered around a Heart for Artoo and using two of the previous challenges.  I chose "Eye Wide Shut", drawing a string with my eyes closed.  From previous attempts I knew I'd come up with a small, tight string, and it left plenty of room on the page to draw a "Two Pencil Double String Heart".
I'm using Zenbud by Danni 0'Brien, Beaded by Ann Griffin, my own Dizessa, and Antimicassar, which I'll post instructions to, one of these days. There's also some noodling around with a turtleshell idea I'm working on, and some variations on Striping and Moonwalk.

I'm not totally happy with the result.  I think I got a bit too much of a 'meat' look. 

Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #8"

Weekly Challenge #8 is to create a heart using two of the previous challenges, which are:

2-pencil string
Eyes Wide Shut
Starry Eyed Surprise
Using Ixorus

And last, and most definitely not least, think of Artoo, Laura's baby, who is ill and struggling for breath.  Send him prayers or good vibrations or thoughts of good intention into the universe as you create your hearts.

Link to tangle pattern "Lorica" and "Beaded" and a zentangle video

Ann Griffin has posted instructions to two new tangles Lorica and Beaded.

leslierahye has made a video of her tangles done on a Marble tile.

Link to tangle pattern "Kinetic"

It's a wonderful day for tangle patterns!  We've shot right past 800 patterns and Ann Griffin's new Kinetic is 813!

Link to 8 tangle pattens & pencasts by Lone Creature

LoneCreature aka Melissa Hughes has posted pencasts to 8 of her new tangle patterns.  Don't stop with these though--she's got lots of pencasts.  If you've been struggling with a tangle you might find help here.  She has even offered to do up pencasts on request.  She's my hero!

Jagged Steps

Dragon's Teeth

Dragon's Chest

Tooth Gathering 





A possible book illustration

I am working on a book, and right now I'm playing with ideas for the page layout. This or something very similar may be the sample art to illustrate how to build many elegant patterns off of a very simple pattern.
I've been wanting to try out Lumiere paints ever since I saw some of the zentangles that Betsi O'hara did with them. The metallic quality does cause some scanning problems though, so I'm not sure they'll be the best for this kind of work. I need to do some more research.

I have a litte 2-inch acrylic square that I placed on the page, and then painted around using 3 colors of Lumiere acrylic paint (which is actually a fabric paint). Then I tangle in the squares, and then added some yellow tombow brush pen to warm things up.

My tangle pattern "Biloxi"

Do you ever see a picture or a pattern and immediately have a word or place pop into your mind with no reason you can figure out?
This is a very common pattern, but I don't believe anyone has worked up tangle steps for it.  I know I've seen variations of it in quilts, and wall hangings buildings.  Which is where my question above, and the title for this pattern comes. 
Whenever I see this pattern, I get a vision of a movie theatre with insets of this design around the marquee, and the word Biloxi pops into mind.  I did a google search on Biloxi theatre and came up with nothing to explain the image, so I'm guessing I got it from a movie or TV series or a picture book.  Anyone have any ideas where it might have come from?

Link to tangle patterns "Cornett","Gumo", and "Yinlinx" and "OrBurst"

Idiko has posted instructions to two new tangle patterns Gumo, Cornett and an Orburst. (Cornett and Orburst can be found at the same link.)

Mary Masi has posted instructions to her pattern Yinlinx.  However, Linda Farmer at discovered this pattern before I did, and everyone needs to visit her site often, anyway ('cause it's awesome!), so I routing you to her link to Yinlinx.

Link to tangle pattern "Calipo"

Jane Monk has posted intstructions to her new pattern "Calipo".

Link to tangle pattern "Bubbles"

Suzanne McNeil has post instructions to her tangle pattern "Bubbles".

Links to Challenge Responses

I'm made a "page" listing the challenge links for my Tell Your Story-Be Part of the Art challenge.  I'm not sure if I can figure out how to do a slide show, but I'll give that a stab if enough people participate.

Check out the ZT stories by following the links here.

Challenge-Tell Your Story, Be Part of the Art

There is a page. here, of links to people who have responded to this challenge.

I'm in a reflective mood (nothing to do with avoiding that stack of dirty dishes in the sink).  I wasn't going to get into issuing challenges, because I think if there are too many, people will go crazy and just stop doing them.  But I just created my 200th tangle pattern--I've gotta do something. 

Comments on the artwork that I did as an example using Sparks made me think about how I come up with my titles, and why I enjoy the titles so much.
Often, looking back at a ZT, I wonder where in the heck I came up with that title. But that's why I name them right away. Zentangling puts your brain into a different zone. The titles give me, and all users a way to re-invent the art every time we look at it. A title implies a story or a view, and as you look for that story or view, you either enter my world, or invent your own. That goes for me, because I'm a different me than I was when I drew a…

My 200th pattern

A comment on my Sparks pattern (via Flickr) made me curious as to how many patterns I have posted.  I was delighted to see that Sparks is my 200th pattern. Funny how those 100th numbers seem to have significance, but I was glad I got the moment.  Kinda of like seeing the odometer in your car turn over to 100,000.

Link to tangle pattern "Sparks"-my 200th pattern

Another pattern using the "sparks" I learned from studying Maria Thomas' zentangles.

The actual pattern is two solid lines, then two broken lines. I've found it works very well in a funnel shape and have used that here, but you could put Sparks into any shapes-circles or squares or even just random shapes.

If you want to stir things up, pretend you are playing SOS. The code I have here is 2 solid, 2 broken, repeated over and over. Change the number of lines and see what happens. See what happens with 3 solid , 3 broken repeated. See what happens with 2 solid, 4 broken repeated. See what happens with

2 solid, 2 broken alternated with 3 solid, 3 broken.

Closely spaced lines make the sparks 'sparkle' more, but are harder to control. The longer your lines, the harder they are to control. Another way to vary the looks is to alternate how closely the lines are spaced. You can create a striping effect, by alternating the space at regular intervals.

Link to tangle pattern "Adeline"

s_j_60010, aka Sue Jacobs, has posted instructions to a most lovely border-type pattern, Adeline.

It's here! Sandy's book is here! Well...almost!

Sandy Bartholomew's new book, Yoga on the Brain, is available for pre-order.

If you haven't already read her post,  hie yee to the site and make great sounds of jubilation.  There are discounts involved.  Be sure to read the entire post.  She's making an offer of a greater discount, so you want to see if you qualify.