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VLVS! ATC/Tag/Envelope Combo Swap

Recently, there was a swap at the Viva Las Vegastamps! Forum requiring an #8 tag and a co-ordinating ATC.  The ATC was to be enclosed in an envelope that was attached to the back of the tag.  Both tag and ATC were required to have a VLVS! stamped image.

I decided I wanted to do something with Zentangle®-inspired art, and with a couple of the tangle inspired images available, but I also wanted to do something 3D--really 3D.

Viva Las Vegastamps!

Zentangle Lover 1 1/4 x 2: Item 18817 Plate 1426Doily 3 x 2 1/4: Item 18849 Plate 1427A Tangle A Day 1 x 1 1/2: Item 18848 Plate 1427
Two #8 Tags-Black Paper
Two #8 Tags-Kraft Paper
Two ATC (3.5 x 2.5 inch) - Black Paper
Two ATC (3.5 x 2.5 inch) - Kraft Paper
Two scraps Black paper approx, 4 x 3 inch & 2 x 2.5 inch
Two scraps Kraft paper approx, 4 x 3 inch & 2 x 2.5 inch

Tim Holtz Distress Inkpad-Vintage Photo
Encore Inkpad-Bronze

May Arts Paper Raffia Ribbon -JP 200y JP16

Sakura Metallic Gel pen: Gold
Pentel White Sunburst Gel Pen

Scissors, E…

Link to tangle pattern Petal Tile

Bird at the Gate

Bird at the Gate was done in my slim format Paperblanks journal.  I used Distress stains which were a bit too wet.  The paper didn't dimple or buckle, but that 'ghosting' effect you see on the left is detail from the other side of the page.  I actually kind of like it, lol, but it did blur the work on the other side.

Now that I know I can play around with the effect where it won't do damage.

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Link to tangle pattern Sharkey

Link to patterns Tri-Linez & Holiday Splash

Cindy Angiel has posted the step out to her patterns:
Holiday Splash

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Linda Rea has posted the step outs to her tangle patterns:


Buddin Out

Potted Plant

Flame Leaf Out

Insyde Flour

Half Flowers

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Link to I am the Diva Weekly Challenge #97

The King's Feast

I do like the look I get with Tim Holtz Distress Markers in my Paperblanks Dayplanner!

Daily December Inspiration Day #7

The last day of Daily December inspiration from VLVS! (It's my Daily December Critturs of the North Pole!) Don't forget, if you comment, you are entered into a drawing to with the Daily December plate 1430!

While most people are familiar with the Grinch, they are unaware of the Daily December beasts that inhabit the North Pole.  These critturs hibernate all year long, except for one day.  A different beast wakens each day in December, and runs frantically about the workshops and factories, honking or hooting or chirping.  By this means, the elves always know what day of the month it is when they see or hear the Daily beast

I'll be posting my Daily December beasts, one at a time, each day of December!

Link to Zendala Dare #33

Bright Owl Zentangle giveaway

Genevieve Crabe's Weekly roundup #41

Tree, Dancing with Shadows

I used two different color of brown, one a Micron brush pen and one an American Craft Precision pen, and a .005 Micron in black.  All white is the white of the paper, which is actually ivory, in my large Quo Vadis Habana journal.

Link to tangle pattern CO2

Daily December Inspiration Day #5

Daily December Inspiration Day #3 from Viva Las VegaStamps!

Daily December Inspiration Day #2

Weekly Challenge #96 & new official tangle pattern Zinger!

Review of the Quo Vadis Habana Notebook Large

Recently I won a Quo Vadis Habana in the large size.  I've reviewed the Habana before (Past review of the Quo Vadis Habana) and this one is the same except for the size, so I won't go into as much detail. 

The paper is Clairefontaine French-milled paper, and lovely to work on.

I do like this size immensely--it's large enough that you have plenty of room to expand and explore, but small enough to fit on my scanner.  It's light for its size and I wouldn't hesitate to carry it around.  The ivory color adds elegance to any ink you add, but is close enough to white that colors stay true.

The pages lie flat. Usually with a hard-cover I need to fold the book back before the pages will lie completely flat, and in fact the Habana is so flexible you can fold it as though it were wirebound!
You just don't have to.

For my example page I started with Tim Holtz Distress stains-fluid water-based dye ink stains, rubbing the colors over most of the page.  These are very wet, but the…

Celtic Challenge 14 Pattern Distructions

Link to tangle pattern Netz

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Weekly Zentangle Roundup

Tangle Refresher #38

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Link to tangle patterns Toon-Eyz and Mickey tangleation

Terem13 has posted the step out to ToonEyz and a Mickey tangleation.

Snake In the Bugs

Another 11x14 inch (27.9 x 35.6 cm) done in my Gamma Series Stillman & Birn.

Link to Detailed Alphabet Distructions

Dragonette and Stillman & Birn

A while back I received a couple of Stillman & Birn Gamma Series sketchbooks in the 11x14 inch (27.9 x 35.6 cm) size.  I've been itching to use them but other commitments kept me from it.

I'm commitment free at the moment (wow! How did that happen!) so I've been wallowing in the fantastic freedom of such a large size and such glorious paper!  The only downside is that the paper is too large to scan and it's difficult to get good photos (me be camera-challenged...I'm challenged in many ways.  Keeps life interesting, lol!)

I started with my Dylusion Sprays (after wrapping the edges of the journal with painter's tape so the spray wouldn't get all over!).

Then I stamped up my Viva Las VegaStamps! Harlequin Diamond Background - 18920 with Vintage Photo distress ink and stamped here and there to add a little texture.

I used a Marvy Le Plume Technical pen for the Zentangle®-inspired line drawing, and a Faber-Castell White Big Brush for white.  It has a slightl…

Link to tangle pattern Bloom

The Wild Dragon Bug

Last week I posted a review of Gruppo Cordenon's new Wild paper.  Several of my examples were done using Dylusions Ink spray, which always results in puddles of left-over ink.  As I was working I used one of the Wild sample to soak up the various ink colors.

Last night I sat down and looked for some imaginary animal contained among the blots and blotches.  I came up with some kind of dragon bug, I think!

Link to How to draw KHIRKEE

The link to tangle pattern KHIRKEE has been posted at

Still time to enter Blockheads Paper Arts November Technique Challenge---Clean and Simple

Weekly Challenge #95

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Link to Wisdom Circles" Giveaway

Wisdom Circles is a workshop that allows you to explore what limits and drives you through the ancient art of mandalas.

To celebrate the launch of Wisdom Circles, Dion Dior is giving away 3 seat to the class.

Sick day doodles

Whenever I get sick my drawing changes a bit.  I've had a cold that hasn't wanted to go away.  At the worst of it, I found myself doodling people.  I almost never draw people!

It wasn't long before I was back to my usual Zentangle®-Inspired-Art, though, with my Rabid Rabbit and... superhero!

The winner of Caroly Boettner's Coloring Pages

I have a winner!

For those of you who didn't win, you can buy Carolyn's coloring pages at her 2nd Story Designs website

Link to TanglePatterns String 026

Still time to enter Giveaway for Carolyn Boettner's coloring pages

Still time to enter my giveaway for a chance to win all 6 sets of Carolyn Boettner's coloring pages.  Giveaway ends tonight at midnight.

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Link to tangle pattern Puffle

Link to Strings to Copy & Celtic Challenge

Zendala Dare #31 & Giveaway!

Zendala Dare #31
Erin is also giving away a copy of Zentangle #7!

Reminder-Giveaway ends Sunday at Midnght

Have you entered my giveaway yet, for a chance to win all 6 sets of Carolyn Boettner's coloring pages?

Today's example was done with Stabilio Point 88 Fineliner pens.

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup


No that isn't a giraffe hidden in there, it's a cousin, the Okapi!

Link to tangle pattern Dinosawr

Link to Celtic Challenge 13

Reminder-Giveaway of Carolyn Boettner's coloring pages

Have you entered my giveaway yet, for a chance to win all 6 sets of Carolyn Boettner's coloring pages?

Today's sample was done with Faber-Castell Big Brush pens.

Link to patterns Rolling In and Tree Trunk

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Link to tangle pattern Trumpits via

Link to tangle pattern EZ Poinsettia

Review of Gruppo Cordenon's WILD paper

A while back I did a review of Gruppo Cordenon's Plike paper.  Recently, Terri Hill, Western Region Sales Manager of the company offered to send me samples of their newest paper, Wild FSC®.  Thank you, Terri! 

Size(s): 8.5 x 11 inches and 28.3 x 40.2 inches
Weight(s): 101 lb (text), 111 lb (cover), 166 lb (cover) and 314 lb (cover)
Color:  The specs say 'neutral'.  I find it changes color according to the way the light hits it, seeming almost white at times and cream or ivory at others.  I'll go with Off-White, lol.

According to the specs I was given, Wild is produced with virgin pulp from responsible sources, and contains 35% cotton. 

When I opened the folder and picked up a sheet of Wild, my first impression was of hand-made paper.  It has a lovely texture, very soft, at least with the lighter weights, and a rough surface.   Wild is not a hand-made paper, however, so the weave is even and knot-free.

The heavier weights lose the softness, but are so very l…

Link to the November 2012 Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper

Zentangle Challenges and Prompts for the week

I apologize for not posting the usual link-ups, prompts and challenges earlier this week (and part of last).  I've had a miserable cold that turned into an ear infection the left me dizzy if I sat up or stood up for too long.  If you haven't already found them, here are the latest:

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup

The Bright Owl-Zendala Dare #30 - Thanksgiving

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #94

Reminder! Giveaway of Carolyn Boettner's Coloring Pages

Have you entered my giveaway yet, for a chance to win all 6 sets of Carolyn Boettner's coloring pages?

Review of Carolyn Boettner's Coloring Pages

Many of you are aware of Carolyn Boettner's beautiful Zentangle®-Inspired Art.  And I'm happy to be introducing her work to those who haven't seen it before. (You can find her work on her Flickr site or at her Facebook Page Doodle Daze Designs)

Carolyn creates the most amazing ZIAs, and she is now selling coloring page sets of her work!  I was so pleased when I saw this, that I bought a set, and when I told her I'd be doing a review, she graciously offered a set for this giveaway (details below).

Carolyn has six sets of coloring pages available.  Each set includes a black and white sheet suitable for coloring and a full-color sheet, showing how she colored the work.  

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Weight: 80# laser on the color prints & 67# Bristol on the B&W's.
Surface: Smooth but not glossy. 

Look and Feel
These sheets are light enough to be flexible, but heavy enough to be sturdy. I can bend a sheet (gently) so that the corners touch and there i…

Steampunk Lady in Distress

I used some quick and easy distress techniques on this tags.  It's a good one for those times when time is a factor.

Stamp Used: Viva Las Vegastamps!Steampunk Tophat Lady : Item 18829 Plate 1421

#8 Tag (6¼" x 3-1/8") made with Kraft paper
Inkpads: Ranger Archival black, Tim Holtz Distress-Vintage Photo
Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pens: Black, Mountain Yellow, Red, Light Blue, Gray
Pentel White Sunburst Gel Pen
Exacto knife or paper distresser


Hold tag up and use exacto knife or paper distresser along the edges of the tag to roughen.Rub sponge across the Vintage Photo inkpad, and apply to tag, starting at the corners and working inward.  Repeat along the edges.  Make some areas darker than others and leave the central area of the tag untouched, so you get a sort of glow.Crumple the tag in your hand and straighten back out.  If you want deep creases, fold at diagonal in 2 or 3 places.Stamp image with Archival black.Color with FriXion pen…

Link to tangle pattern SupahNovah

Turkey Day

Well, the next holiday up here in the USA is turkey day, so I wasn't surprised when my tangles took this direction!

Link to patterns TearDralops, BB-Navels and Fingrays