Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Cali

CZT Lara Williams has posted steps to her tangle pattern Cali.

Link to tangle pattern Fish'n'Kelp

Another of David W's tangles, Fish'n'Kelp, has been posted at ZT for Kidz.

A chance to win some Letraset Promarkers-ends 9/7/11

Carole Palmiere at Passionately Artistic is giving away 10 Letraset  Promarkers.

A Chance to win some Flexmarkers

The Passion for Promarkers blog and Letraset have gone together for this week's card-making challenge and are offering a prize of2 x 6 packs of Flex Markers.  I think this will be a good week to start working on Halloween and Christmas cards!

Link to tangle pattern Screen

Steps to Margaret Bremner's tangle pattern, Screen, have been posted at

Link to tangle pattern CloudySunny

Sandy Bartholomew has posted steps to David W's tangle pattern CloudySunny at the ZT for Kidz website!

Bleedthrumanade in Pinks and Greens

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Moleskine Sketchbook, Faber-Castell Big Brush.

And I was able to scan in the before pictures!  Yay!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Link: Sample Daniel Smith colors & Watercolor ground-$2.99 + Free Shipping

Ooh!  I really want to try this.  I've been wondering how much paint you get with the try-it dots.  Augh!  I wasn't going to buy absolutely nuttin' for weeks and weeks.  But for $2.99 and free shipping.  I'm so bad!!!!  I bought it!

Link to tangle pattern Flowtus

CZT Lara Williams has posted the steps to her tangle pattern Flowtus.

Challenge #37:Kiss My Grids meets my Cookie Bookie Notebook

I decided to do Laura Harms'Weekly Zentangle Challenge-Kiss Your Grids in my Cookie Bookie Notebook.

Link: Fixing mistakes with the Copic colorless blender

I don't know if this method would work with other blenders besides the Copic, but you can be sure I'll be trying it!

Link: Color Spotlights from Copic

Copic has posting 'Color Spotlights'--information on a particular color, including color combos that go well with it.  Even if you don't use Copics, this is good information because it will help you understand color.  And that is information useful no matter what medium you work in!

Link: The Executive's Coloring Book

Check out this Executive's Coloring Book from the '60s.  Funny!

Link: Jim's Watercolor Gallery

Marguerite Meara sent me a link to Jim's Watercolor Gallery.  Lots of tips and techniques, and you can sign up for a tip of the day.  He has a lot of info that you don't easily find, such as how to get the correct water to pigment ratio.

He also has a lot of ideas that don't conform to the general consensus, such as different complementary colors.  I haven't tried his ideas out, and I'm not sure how good they are, but it never hurts to try new ideas.  Experimentation is good!

Bleedthrumanade with Bubbles

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen, Sharpie Fine Point Pen, Moleskine Sketchbook, Faber-Castell Big Brush, Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

I need to get some new gel pens.  Mine aren't entirely out of ink, but I can't get that nice juicy blob that I smear to get that transparent look.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Link to tangle pattern Furr Balls

Steps to Carolyn Coyle's Furr Balls have been posted at

Link: Letraset's 3rd Coloring Competition

Download and color the latest line drawing  from Letraset for a chance to win:

Main Prize (winner picked at random) X1 : 1x 12 ProMarker Blending Set (of the winner’s choice).
Runners-up prize x 2 (awarded to our two favourite entries): 1x ProMarker 5 Set

Link to tangle pattern BWS

CZT Sue Clark has posted steps to her tangle pattern BWS.

Weekly Challenge #37: "Kiss my Grids"

Laura Harms' Weekly Zentangle Challenge is to Kiss Your Grids!  Grid-style tangles only!

Bleedthrumanade with Pink Circles

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Moleskine Sketchbook, Faber-Castell Big Brush, Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

Sorry-this is another of the three where I didn't get the before scanned in before I started tangling.  The front is all Promarker with just a hint of Pentel Sunburst white Gel Pen.  The back has 4 different Viva Las Vegas Stamps, and Faber-Castell Big Brush (and Pentel Sunburst white Gel Pen).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Link to tangle patterns Compass, Quoval, Star Fruit, Hound-dog Tooth and Tads

Lizzie Mayne has posted steps to her tangle patterns Compass, Quoval, Star Fruit, Hound-dog Tooth and Tads.

Bleedthrumanade-Experimentation with Stamps

Got lemons, make lemonade. Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Moleskine Sketchbook, Faber-Castell Big Brush, Various Stamps.
Been busy this weekend! Sorry, I didn't get the before pictures scanned in.

Great deal on Promarkers-this weekend only

Letraset has 6 single Promarkers for the price of 5, plus they are giving away a free Ultra-fine nib with each pen and free postage if you spend over £10. AND to sweeten the pot there is a further 20% off from now until Monday (8/29/11) with code LEAF2011. It cost me about $18 U.S.-that includes the S&H).

*sigh* I know my budget doesn't allow for art supplies this month, but some of my Promarkers are running out, and this deal can't be beat. More Ultra-fine Nibs, too! Poor budget. It's always getting stretched! I guess we'll be eating a lot more noodles this coming month!

Link to tangle pattern Zippa

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted steps to his tangle pattern Zippa.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Link to patterns by Paintchip

Paint Chip, aka Cindy Angiel, has posted steps to her patterns Binial and Paintchip, as well as some Tail Cappers that can be added to other patterns.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Eared Grebe

Busy days!  I haven't been able to do too much artwork. But I did get in a watercolor.

A few days ago I wrote a review about Daniel Smith's California Quail Watercolor triad (Lunar Blue, French Ochre, Quinacridone Burnt Orange).  I wanted to play further with the granulating effect, but decided to use a different drawing.  I also made a decision to leave the painting before I felt I was done, because I think I'm overworking my watercolors.

Link to tangle pattern Kytez

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted steps to his tangle pattern Kytez.

Link: Free Digis to download & color

Check out MelonHeadz Illustrating.  Nikki sells digital images, but is also very generous with freebies to download.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Genevieve Crabe's Weekly Roundup 8/26/11

4:19pm Aug 26

Latest weekly roundup of articles and new tangles.

Another win for me! Woo Hoo!

I learned today that I won the 3rd Blogaversary Candy from the Crafty Cuttings of Wiccababe!  All sorts of stamps and papers  and crafty stuff.  Lots of it Christmas, which is good because I don't have any--or didn't anyway.

If you haven't checked out her blog before, she has lots of video and print tutorials for using Promarkers and other Letraset products.  It's a cool blog!

Thank you Debbi, for a fantastic giveaway!

Scrap with Stacy's Birthday Giveaway

There are 5 (yes! Five!) giveaways going on at Scrap with Stacy.  All sorts of goodies for mixed media. Ends Sept. 30!

Link to tangle pattern Eddies

Sandy Bartholomew has posted the steps to a new tangle pattern Eddies.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More about Daniel Smith's granulating watercolor

In my review of the Daniel Smith California Quail Watercolor Triad I mentioned that I didn't get the granulation effect that I noticed in their example.
I received a response from Daniel Smith Art explaining how to get that effect.  I thought I'd share with you...
Hi Sandra! Thank you for the good review of our CA Quail Triad! Glad the timing was so fortuitous! : ) You are right about the granulation, it's more pronounced when lots of water is used, that allows the mineral granuals to move and collect better. I always encourage people to paint the same line drawing multiple times to learn different ways of color mixing the Traid, glazing, etc to see the different effects, it's a great exercise to learn & experience those colors - then try mixing those colors with your palette colors!

Bleedthrumanade in Mostly Yellows

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen, Moleskine Sketchbook, Sharpie Fine Point Pen.

The back of this one got away from me a little bit.  Volcanoes will do that to you, lol!  I used a Penny Black stamp that I won a while back, and tried to get a little too fancy.  But there are parts I definitely like too, so I decided to post it anyway.

Link to tangle pattern Woven

Suzanne McNeil has posted steps to her tangle pattern Woven, as well as information about the Sketchbook 2011 project.

Link: Tutorial on tangling with Paradox

CZT Margaret Bremner shares some tips and techniques on making the official tangle Paradox hum!  Great stuff for newbie and old-zentangle-fogie alike.

Review: Daniel Smith California Quail Watercolor Triad

The budget's been really tight this month, and I was resigned to not buying any new art supplies.  But I had budgeted for a friend's birthday gift, and she collects Quail memoribilia.  Lo, and behold!  Daniel Smith issues a new triad--The California Quail.  I've been curious about those Triads, so the timing seemed right to indulge. Some of you may ask "What is a Daniel Smith Triad?"

It's three tubes of watercolor paint, in colors selected for their compatibility.  You get a line drawing, and a picture of that drawing painted in the three colors of the triad.  There are no instructions per se, but you are given suggestions in how you might use the colors to re-create the painting yourself (this isn't a paint by number or anything close to it).   The Triads are priced at $18.95, so depending on the colors in question, you save 40%-60% or more.  Usually one or two of the paints are unusual, lesser known colors, so this is a great way to become familiar with them.

By the way, you can download the line drawings and color information/suggestions at any time.   Click on the video for any triad color, and the PDFs are available.

The colors in the California Quail triad are French Ochre, Lunar Blue, and Quinacridone Burnt Orange.

The colors are beautiful, and I can't wait to use them in other paintings.  Because there was no recommendation on paper or brushes to use, I used the paper I had on hand-- Strathmore 140 lb Watercolor, and a waterbrush, because I can handle it the best, and that made my test more about the color than my ability with brushes.

The pigment in these paints wasn't quite as intense as with my M. Graham paints.  That didn't surprise me.  All my M. Graham are staining colors, and these three are all granulating.  That made it easier to lay down a very pale wash, and build the color slowly.  I blended on the paper rather than pre-mixing the paint, and it was fun to see how the color changed as I added each wash.

I didn't get quite the same granulation effect as shown in the example, and I assume that was either the paper, the brush, or my pigment to water ratio.  If I have any discontent with the triad, it is in the sparseness of information.  But on the other hand, not giving more specifics also keeps the artist from merely copying what they see instead of experimenting.  I tend to like lots of information. It might not be as important to someone else, especially if they have more experience with watercolor than I do.

The California Quail triad is a great value, and I'll be buying more triads in the future.  I look at the line-drawing and example as a much more interesting test of the colors than creating a chart, and I'm going to try something similar with my other colors.  And I finally have the colors to create a beautiful black!

The line-drawing that comes with the colors is about 3 x 3 inches, so I used the PDF download and sized it to about 5 x 7.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review of Sharpie Fine Point Pen's new colors

A while back Sharpie released the Sharpie Fine Point pen.  These are not markers, but an actual permanent ink pen.  The colors available were black, blue, red, green, orange and purple.

I use the black when I want a slight contrast to a Micron black.  The Sharpie black has a bluer cast while the Micron's is more red.  I also use the Sharpie red & black for drawing my tangle patterns.  I do use the other colors on occasion, though I seem to have misplaced my orange.

Recently, Sharpie released four new colors--Turquoise, Watermelon, Clover and Hot Pink.

The pens themselves are not labeled by name so I had to guess which pen was which color, but I believe I have them correctly.  I've added the original colors so you'll have a comparison (except for the pesky orange that has gone gad-a-bouting).  

I can find these pens in most department stores, as well as craft and art stores, they are nicely priced and the new colors are fun, nicely complementing each other.

The ink flow is a bit stiff for drawing, or I would use them for larger areas of coloring.  They're great for most zentangle sized drawings, though.  They are permanent ink, so they don't smear.

Laura Harms' challenge #36 this week was to use the new official tangle Assunta, so I decided to combine and use my entry as the example for this review.

I won a bulking dummy!

When a book is in development, a sample is made so the designers can get a feel for the book. Some have writing and some are printed covers with the inside blank.

And there was a giveaway (now closed) at the Craftside blog and I won one of them. How cool is that.  I can't wait to see what mine is like.  What a nifty journal it will make!

If you like giveaways check out the Craftside blog.  They have all sorts of interesting stuff to give away.  You never know what they'll offer next.

Bleedthrumanade in Purple Shades

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Faber-Castell Big Brush, Moleskine Sketchbook, Studio G Stamps.

No sooner had I laid down the Promarker color, than I saw this witchy woman glaring at me.  I wanted to break that impression for the back, so I used a set of Butterfly stamps in Sepia and Powder Blue.  That gave the page a whole different vibe!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cookie Bookie Cat is back

I was just tangling along, when suddenly the Cookie Bookie cat hopped into the picture!

Review of Lost Crates once a month grab bag of stationary supplies

Review of Lost Crates once a month grab bag of stationary supplies and a giveaway at NotebookStories.

Review of Zentangle for Kidz! (and looky what I won!)

Before I start with the review, I want to show you what I won from Sandy Bartholomew's recent Minion! contest (check out her ZT for Kidz blog to see all the fabulous entries).

I won a copy of the Zentangle for Kidz book; a packet of tangle trading cards with the patterns cUdad, Btl Joos, Stubert, Pollen & Punch; 5 official zentangle tiles in cool case; a bookmark, and a lovely little zentangle button!  Life is Good!!!!  Thank you Sandy for a really cool and fun contest, and for the fabulous prizes!

And now on with the review.

Zentangle for Kidz!
Zentangle for Kidz is slanted toward the younger generations, but would also be excellent for those adults who are really, really convinced they will melt if they ever pick up a pencil (you've all met someone like that!).  The emphasis is on having fun.

The style is all Sandy's.  If you've seen either of her other books, you'd instantly know this one is hers.  But this one has the addition of Alex and Lilah-cartoon characters who guide you through the process of tangling, making you laugh along the way.  Lilah Beans abound!

Most of the tangles can be found in her other two books, though I didn't recognize the tangles Dyon, Yo, Snare, Jelly or Jelly Moon.  But the templates of a tangle trading card and tags that can be copied and  used for organizing your tangles are all new.  This would be a great book for a newbie, or your kids or just because you want to have fun!

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 20 pages, including covers
Portability: Easily carried, but too big for most purses. Perfect for folders.
What’s Inside
Stuff you need; How to Draw a Zentangle; Let's Tangle; Snakes & Borders; Easy Zendalas; Auras; Messing around with Tangles; Strings; Where to find patterns; Templates for organizing patterns; More Ideas.
The Tangles
Knightsbridge; Lilah Bean; Keeko; Florz; Buttercup; Kaleido; Cootie; Pane; Hollibaugh; Krust; Parabox; BB; Jetties; Puff-O; Gewgle; Punkin; Botto; Flutter; FlutterBi; Onamato; Meer; Shattuck; Knase; Zander; Squid; Sippy; Msst; Btl Joos; Yo; Twist; Pearlz; Dyon; Gust; Caral; Awdry; Snare; Flux; Pingline; Crescent Moon; Alps; Jelly; Jelly Moon; Zazzle; Tidal; Revel; Oshun; Mehndi Zendala

Bleedthrumanade frame

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Letraset Fineliner, Fabriano Quadrato Artist's Journal.

Don't ask me where this one came from because I don't know.  It just happened, as most of my work does.
It's done in a 9 in x 9 in Fabriano Quadrato Artist's Journal, and I didn't do before and after scans because the only different would be the zentangle in the center.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Green Grapes

I was going to do more with this piece, because my values aren't quite right yet.  My goal was to try out a triad of Azo Yellow, Pthalo Blue & Quinacridone Violet, and to play with mixing the colors by slowly building up glazes.  Things were starting to get a little muddy, and I thought -another triad that doesn't work.  Then I came across Diana Trout's Watercolor primer Part 7, and she mentioned that 'mud' can come over too much scrubbing.  I do scrub.

So I stopped, feeling I'd probably already started the damage, and would probably just do more if I continued.  I did get some of the feeling of light that I wanted though.

I'm going to go back and revisit my triads, being very careful not to scrub and see what happens.  Ah, I love it when a mere sentence happened upon makes you rethink what you are doing!

Link to tangle pattern P-feather

Carol Ottoway has posted steps to her tangle pattern P-feather.

Link to tangle pattern Pegs

The steps to Arja de Lange-Huisman's tangle pattern Pegs has been posted a

Link to Lovin' Letraset at Simon Says Stamp

Tutorial on using Letraset Promarkers.  There's a link to downloadable color mixing charts.

Diana Trout's Watercolor Primer Parts 1-7

I think I've posted a link to this primer before, but the 7th part has just been posted so it's worth posting again.

Starting at Part 1, Diana Trout's Watercolor primer-videos, tips, techniques, links and all sorts of watercolory things!

Wiccababe's Review of Letraset Flexmarkers

Wiccababe's Review of Letraset Flexmarkers.

Links to tangle patterns Bam-boo and Swiss

Texasdoxiemama, aka Linda Rea, has posted steps to her tangle patterns Bam-boo and Swiss.

Cookie Bookie Bleedthrumanade for a Sunday in Summer

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Daycraft Cookie Bookie Notebook, Sharpie Pen.

Sorry.  I forgot to scan the front before I started tangling.  But the back is almost the same.

Weekly Challenge #36: "New Tangle Assunta

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #36 is to use the new official tangle Assunta.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Looking Brighter

I decided to revisit the vase of flowers from The Tao of Watercolor by Jeanne Carbonetti.  I think I need to go larger with my watercolors--at least when I'm using the M. Graham colors.  The background should have been lighter, but the pigments are so strong I had trouble diluting them enough in the space I had (about 6 in x 6 in).  Still, it made for nice dramatic color!

The second painting is from an exercise found in Zoltan Szabo, Artist at Work.  This one really made me struggle with the brushwork, and it came out awfullly stiff.  I know what I'm supposed to do with the composition, but the brush doesn't go where I want it too, lol!

It's funny.  I've sort of thought of my alcohol marker work as a practice that would help me in learning watercolor.  What I'm finding is that as I struggle with the watercolor, my alcohol marker work is improving!  That's what I love about art and about letting myself find my own way--there are always wonderful surprises!

Link to tangle pattern Abbe Road

CZT Maggiekat has posted steps to her tangle pattern Abbe Road.

Link: Make your own Bamboo Dip Pen

Julie on Twitter:

bamboo dip pen tutorial 

Bleedthrumanade In Shades of Pink

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.

Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Paperblanks Journal, Viva Las Vegas stamp (check out their free stamps offer (

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Link to GIVEAWAY: A Silhouette SD digital cutting tool!

Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous is giving away a Silhouette SD digital cutting tool to celebrate her 2 year blogaversay!

Perfectly4med's Unique Giveaway #2

Neil Burley, has another giveaway going.  Read the rules at Perfectly4med.

Link to Article: Tips for Painting Successful Backgrounds in Watercolor

Article from American Artist Watercolor Summer 2008.  Mary Whyte shares tips and techniques for painting great backgrounds in watercolor.

Link to article:Patient Layering Leading to Vibrant Light

An article from American Artist Magazine, March 16, 2011 showcasing the work of Marla Greenfield. Marla shares some of her techniques for capturing vivid lighting.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-More Done in the Dark

These are the last of my 'Done in the Dark' works (I hope).  Hubby's doing better, and while he's still somewhat photosensitive, I've been  able to turn up the light while working on my art.  Hopefully, I didn't train myself to paint under low-light, because I think I was improving a bit, lol!

I did these at the same time--that is, I painted a wash on one, and switched to the other while the wash dried. The house is from an exercise in the Summer issue of American Artist Watercolor magazine.  I got the perspective on the house better than I thought I would-but it does make me think of a haunted Donald Duck dwelling, lol!

While sitting in the doctor's office, flipping through magazines, I came across a photo of Pickled Peppers, and decided I wanted to do something with that.  I didn't have a reference photo, and I did draw the bottles first, but then I couldn't see them so I just painted them in on the fly.  I was trying out a triad of Hooker's Green, Gamboge, and Quinacridone Red, and playing with the transparency of glass.  I don't think the triad colors work too well for mixing.  They go together side by side, but get muddy when mixed.  I'll probably try doing a similar picture with better planning and lighting in the future.

Comparison of Watercolor crayons

Paula Phillips

Want to know the differnce between popular watercolor crayons?  (YouTube Video)

Link to Comparison of Travel Watercolor Kits

Jennyr Rohrs over at Craft Test Dummies has posted a Comparison of Travel Watercolor Kits.

Most of the travel watercolor kits are student-grade quality, but truthfully for most craft type work, they are excellent.  But, if you want to learn to create watercolor paintings with the full range of expression, these kits won't be sufficient eventually.

I've switched to  M. Graham watercolors, because I wanted to get effects on an artist quality watercolor can give you.  I still love my little Koi watercolor kit, and will use it for zentangle and craft related projects.

Link to PRESTWOOD tangle instructions

CZT Margaret Bremner has posted instructions to her tangle patterns Prestwood.

Colored backgrounds with Tombow markers

Sue Jacobs describes a cool trick to make colored backgrounds with Tombow markers.

Cookie bookie zentangles

Well...I didn't tangle on white or black, and my Daycraft Cookie Bookie notebook is about a square inch larger than a zentangle tile and I added highlights as well as shading.  But hey!  These are pretty close to classic zentangle!  I haven't done that for a while, lol!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Done in the dark

Here are a couple more watercolors I did in low lighting.  I was actually pretty stressed when I did them, and you can kind of tell by the brushwork, lol.

In the first one, I was trying to see what kind of dark values/blacks I could get from Pthalo Blue and Quinacridone Violet (not too bad a one, I think), and trying to get a feel of distance by lightening the colors in the distance.

The second was an experiment with water painting--letting a base wash dry, then painting with a wet brush to get a negative effect.  I like the effect, and will be playing with it some more.

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup of zentangle patterns for August 19th

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly roundup of #Zentangle articles, tutorials, and new tangles.

Link to tangle refresher #6

Linda Farmer has posted a 'refresher' of tangles that were popular this time last year at

Bleedthrumanade for the last page of the book

A couple of weeks ago, I took advantage of an offer from Viva Las Vegastamps.  If you post a widget on the sidebar of your blog, using code they supply, and then send them an email, with a link, letting them know, they will send you a grab bag of 15 unmounted stamps.  I just checked, and as of this posting, the offer is still there (

What does that have to do with my bleedthrumanade?  Well, I wanted to do something totally different for the last page of my Paperblanks journal, so I used one of the stamps from my free grab bag.  It's my favorite, a dog with aviator glasses and scarf.  I wondered what such a dog might dream about.

Got lemons?  Make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade. Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Paperblanks Journal, Viva Las Vegas stamp.  

Link to Interesting Travel Journal

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted pictures and descriptions of his Mini Travel Journal, created for his travels in Maspalomas.  Not a tutorial, per se, but brief descriptions of how he created the journal.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crazy big Scrapbook giveaway

Scrappin' for Kenzie has a giveaway going on--tons of papers, embellishments and just all sorts of odds and ends.

Apple Crisp-Not quite a bleedthrumanade

This isn't quite a bleedthrumanade, and it's definitely zentangle inspired art.  It's the back of a painting that I tried using Liquid Frisket on, a while back (Riptide), with strange results, lol.  A few small spots bled thru (the 'bruises' on the apples).  

After my gourd-like apples, I wanted to try apples again.  I want to learn to use watercolor brushes, but it is a pleasure to return to my pens and markers where I feel more sure of myself.  This was done with Letraset Promarkers, with a white gel pen to soften the color in some places.  I need to get some lighter Promarkers so I don't have to do that, but I think it worked here.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Strange Fruit

Here are a couple more exercises, from the Watercolor Workbook by Anne Elsworth, designed to improve your brush skills.

I'm going to warn you that most of my art done the last couple of weeks has been done in very low lighting. My bleedthrumanades aren't much affected because I did the color a while back, but I definitely see it affecting my watercolors. Still, I'm learning and the exercise helped relieve some of the stress surrounding my husband's problems.

And, maybe, my apples look more like gourds than apples because I DO need more practice with my brush skills, lol!

FlexMarker 101: Brush Nib Basics 2

FlexMarker 101: Brush Nib Basics 2 | Letraset Blog - Creative Opportunities

Link to tangle patterns Poppy-pop, Estrel and Fencée

BlackPumpkin has posted steps to her tangle patterns Poppy-pop, Estrel and Fencée.

I won a Rhodia 'R' pad!

Hey, hey, hey!  I won a Rhodia 'R' pad from Rhodia Drive!  Two contests won in one day!  I like that! ! ! !!!

Link to tangle pattern Holiday Ornaments

Suzanne McNeil has posted the steps to her tangle pattern Holiday Ornaments.

The Next to Last Bleedthrumanade at the Back of the Book

Got lemons, make lemonade. Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Paperblanks Journal, Faber-Castell Big Brush

I found a stash of Sharpie and Bic Markers and decided to use them for this bleedthrumanade since I keep telling people they can.  I won't be switching to them permanently, lol!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the Lilah Bean winners are....

Sandy Bartholomew has posted the winners of her Lilah Bean contest (and she's been generous, as usual.  There are lots of winners!) .
One of my Lilah Beans won the IF LILAH BEAN WERE HUMANISH AND LOOKED LIKE A TROLL DOLL AWARD! Lol!  She was made from paperclay that I won in another contest, so I think the good luck carried through!

Link to tangle patterns Sisq, Chap & Pugion

tsrapp, aka Tammi Rapp, has posted steps to her tangle patterns Sisq, Chap & Pugion.

Another Bleedthrumanade from the back of the book

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Paperblanks Journal, Faber-Castell Big Brush.

Link to tangle pattern Bwiya

Linda Farmer has posted steps to Anne Marks new tangle pattern Bwiya.

Link to tangle pattern Dust Bunny

CZT, Margaret Bremner, has posted steps to her tangle pattern Dust Bunny.

Link to pattern Pizta

Paintchip, aka Cindy Angiel, has posted steps (both print and video) to her tangle pattern Pizta.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Flower

When gardening you plant Flower bulbs, and watch to see what happens.  When watercolor painting, you make Flower Blobs, and watch to see what happens, lol!

This is an exercise from the Watercolor Workbook by Anne Elsworth, designed to improve your brush skills. The last one, I combined some of what I learned from The Tao of Watercolor by  Jeanne Carbonetti.

Journal Challenge Page at Timeless Rituals

Black Pumpkin posted a blank Journal Challenge Page for us to tangle, at her blog, Timeless Rituals, a couple of weeks ago.  I've had this done for quite a while, but just didn't have the chance to get it posted.  I'm not sure if Black Pumpkin still has the challenge going or not.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bleedthrumanade from the back of the book

Got lemons, made Lemonade. Got Marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.

Made with Letraset Promarkers, Pentel white Sunburst gel pen & Faber-Castell Big Brush in a Paperblanks journal.

Only 3 more pages and this journal is full!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Links to tangles Sock it To Me, and Pask, Laf, & Minect

TexasdoxieMama has posted steps to her tangle pattern Sock It To Me.

tsRapp has posted steps to her tangle patterns Pask, Laf and Minect.

Sorry for posting these together instead of in separate posts.

Link to tangle pattern Casella

CZT, Mariët Dronten has posted steps to a pattern, Casella, created by one of her students, Conny.

Links to new official tangle Assunta, a #zentangle giveaway & a zentangle contest

Rick and Maria has posted steps to a new tangle Assunta.

Sandy Bartholomew has thrown open her Lilah Bean minion contest for voting.  Check them Lilah Beans out!

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, is still trying to giveaway his fabulous hand made zentangle book.

Hubby's eyes are still not healing properly.  Daily doctor visits, ointment every two hours, low to no lighting, and they still may have to sew one or both eyes shut.  *sigh*  I'll be mostly missing a while longer I'm afraid.  Miss you all!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

link to Diamonds & Squares

The steps to Deanne Stewart-Mills' tangle pattern Diamonds and Squares have been posted at

Link to tangle pattern Hot Dogs

Suzanne McNeil has posted steps to her tangle pattern Hot Dogs.

Link: Khristen's Craft Room: 100 Followers Extravaganza!

Khristen's Craft Room: 100 Followers Extravaganza! Giveaway. A ton of 12X12 taken from my stash, a couple of clear acrylic stamps, a hodge podge of die cuts and random bits, ribbons, stickers.

Things are looking up for hubby.  He doesn't have to have his eye sewn shut! Yay!

Link: Win a hard drive case for your zentangle supplies

Erin asked to post about her giveaway at Bright Owl.  She is giving away a hard drive case with an attached charm--perfect for carrying your zentangle supplies.

I'm sorry to be away so long.  Hubby's surgery went well, but one eye is not healing properly.  He can't shut it, and it's getting too dry.  He's so photo sensitive, that the glare from the PC screen hurts and it sits in the only room with a bed, so that means I just can't get on much.  I miss you all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miraculous Mosquito: In The Depths of the Earth - Rock Pattern Drawing Tutorial

Reported byGenevieve Crabe

Miraculous Mosquito: In The Depths of the Earth - Rock Pattern Drawing Tutorial

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Spalted Pecan

If you are on Twitter you may have discovered a daily paper that is produced by edisonpenco, the Writing Instruments Daily. If not, and you are interested in pens, paper and jounals, I recommend you follow him (her? him, I think, lol).

In today's issue, there was a link to some Spalted Pecan vases.  They were gorgeous!  I wanted to hold one and just rub my hands over them to feel the texture.

So, I did the next best thing--I tried recreating the texture with watercolor.  Eh.  I think I got an onion instead, but hey!  That's how you learn!  This was done entirely with my Koi watercolors-Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber & a touch of Cobalt Blue Hue.

Cari Raboin's Promarker painting

Cari Raboin, the winner of my recent giveaway, has posted the first work she has done with her new Promarkers.  It's beautiful!

Bleedthrumanade for the first Sunday in August

I don't know how much I'll be around this next week.  It might be a lot, it might be not at all.  Hubby's going in for minor, but painful surgery so it depends on how he gets on.


Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen,Paperblanks Journal, Faber-Castell Big Brush.

Link to tangle pattern Waterlily

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted steps to his tangle pattern Waterlily.

Link to review of Spectrum Noir markers

Wiccabe has done a review of the new Spectrum Noir markers.

Envelobox Giveaway ending today!

Easier to show than to explain--check out this cool dresser-made-from-plastic-boxes project, and then you'll want to enter this giveaway.  Hurry though.  It ends today.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Freebie Stuff for July

July was a good month for me!  I hauled in some wonderful freebies.  I do appreciate the cost and effort it takes for a company to advertise this way, so I think it pays to let others know about their products.  Most of my links will take you to information on the product, but where it looked like the free samples were still available (it can change within the hour!), I linked there instead.

Barista Prima Coffee Sampler from Keurig-4 1 container House Blend/Columbian/French Roast/Italian Roast.
I don’t have a Keurig Coffee Pot, and I’ve been highly curious about those packs, so I was happy when I saw these free samples.  Each container has enough ground coffee for a cup, and the coffee was great!  You can just open the container, and use the coffee in a regular coffeepot, so they’re a choice even if you don’t have a Keurig.  My  budget’s tight right now, so I can't see buying the packs on a regular basis, but they’d be great for travel, and the occasional treat.  If quality coffee is a priority in your household, consider trying these.

My husband opened this and tossed everything but the packs (da bum!), so I’m not sure if there were coupons.  Strangely, we’ve had no problem with mosquitos yet this year, so I haven’t tried these yet.  I’m sure they’ll come in handy before long though.

This came in handy when I had a flare-up just before going to a party.  I’d definitely buy more.

Jif To Go Peanut Butter-A coupon for 1 free 8 pack (up to $2.29). 
I love Jif Peanut Butter.  I’m keeping this 8 pk handy for our next beach vacation.

Neilmed NetiPot-1 Netipot + 2 sinus packs
If you’ve never seen a netipot, it looks like a small plastic teapot.  You fill it with a warm water & salt pack, and use it to flush out your sinuses.  Kind of weird feeling, but it does seem to be helping with the allergies. Great freebie!

Walmart Crest ProHealth Pack-.85 oz ProHealth toothpaste; 1.35 oz ProHealth mouthwash, 1 use Glide Dental floss; $1.00 coupon for ProHealth Toothpaste; $1.00 coupon for ProHealth Toothpaste; $1.00 coupon for ProHealth Rinse; and Glide Floss.  Another great freebie!

Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo- .34 oz packs of Shampoo, Conditioner & Style-prep smoother.
There was also the offer of a free neck & shoulder massage or hand ritual at any Aveda store & a further free sample of Replenishing Body Moisturizer when you visited.   I haven’t had the chance to take advantage of the offer as the closest salon is a good distance from me, but, wow!  What a deal!
I like to switch my shampoos around due to allergies.  This one is definitely going into the mix because my hair was so soft after using it.

Organizer Coupon booklet from Homemade Simple
Booklet chock full of coupons for Mr. Clean, Swiffer, Cascade, Dawn, and Febreeze products.  I saved money with this one!

Emergen-C: 2 vitamin drink packs
One Tropical, 1 Tangerine, and both a yummy way to get your vitamins.  There were also some fun stickers, and a bookmark!

Trilipiderm All-Body Moisturizer creme– Three .75 oz packets. 
Wonderful stuff.  I used one and gave the other two to my Mom, because I bought a tube.

Miralax -2 samples & a $2.00 coupon
Fiber Choice-1 pack & a $2.00 coupon
I tend to have the opposite problem from constipation, so I requested these freebies for my mother.  She was highly appreciative.  I admit it—I ate one of the Fiber Gummies because it looks like candy.  So let that be a warning if you have children in the house.  If I ever do have a problem with constipation, I’ll probably go with the gummies.  My mother said all three products were helpful.

Link to FlexMarker Home Page

Want to learn more about FlexMarkers?  The colors available, gallery, the sets available? Check out the new Home Page.

Link to tangle pattern Walled Garden

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted steps to his tangle pattern Walled Garden.

Bleedthrumanade for the first Saturday in August

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.
Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers, Paperblanks Journal, Faber-Castell Big Brush.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup of zentangle patterns for August 5th.

Geneviève Crabe's Weekly Roundup of zentangle patterns for August 5th.

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-Raspberries & Blueberries

I was inspired by the tutorial video by Laure Ferlita on how to paint blueberries in watercolor, that I posted about earlier.  I rushed off to my watercolors and whipped this out.

I'm too contrary to follow instructions, and besides I didn't have the colors she had.  But I tried to put together some of what I've been playing with lately.  I don't think it's too bad considering it came out of my head with no reference picture.  I've got to start thinking about my light sources though.  And I think I'm smearing my colors more than lifting the paint.  Must tap.  Tap, tap, tap not smeeearrrr!

Link to tangle pattern Flower Whorl

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted steps to his tangle pattern Flower Whorl.

Link to tangle pattern Bateek

Linda Farmer has posted steps to her new tangle pattern Bateek.

Laure Ferlita paints Blueberries with M Graham watercolors

‪Laure Ferlita paints Blueberries with M Graham watercolors.m4v‬‏ - YouTube

Giveaway for 'random notebooks'!

Giveaway at Notebook Stories: A Blog About Notebooks, Journals, Moleskines, Blank Books, Sketchbooks, Diaries and More.

Link to tangle patterns Fusilli and Brace

Ellen Wolters has posted steps to her tangle patterns Fusilli and Brace, as well as a variation Mirrored Brace.

Bleedthrumanade for the first Friday in August

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade.

Ingredients: zentangle, Letraset Promarkers, Pentel Sunburst White Gel Pen, & a Faber-Castell Big Brush, all stirred gently in a Paperblanks journal.

Link to Essential Concepts of Landscape Painting-Mitchell Albala's blog

Mitchell Albala is a master at landscape painting.

At his blog, you will find lessons that can be applied to any media you work in:

Video Lesson: Parts 1, 2 – Gallery Talk at Lisa Harris

Matt Smith on the Synergy Between Plein Air and Studio Painting

Demonstration: Exploring Composition Through a Limited Focus

The Lessons of Fog: Massing, Values Zones, Edges and Neutrals

On Location with Stasinos and Albala: Same Subject, Different Visions

Video Lesson: Color Strategies in Plein Air

Color solutions in landscape

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mis?Adventures in Watercolor-M. Graham watercolors

I've thought for a while that part of the reason I couldn't get the wash effects I was trying for, had to do with my Koi watercolors.  My husband got an Amazon gift certificate and gave it to me, so I decided I would try another brand.  I did a little research, and discovered the M. Graham line.  They are made in my home state Oregon, and use honey as part of their mix, and are all single pigment.  The M. Graham site, and several reviews assured me that the pigments were intense, and the paint stayed moist longer than most brands.

I found a 6-tube set that was only  a little more than my certificate and placed my order.  It hasn't arrived yet, but today I was at Craft Warehouse with a friend (with no intention of spending money mind you) and I decided to see if they carried the brand.  They do--and they were 40% off!!!  These tubes usually run about $10-$13.00 a tube so I had to take advantage.  My set didn't include a blue or a true yellow, so I picked up Azo Yellow, and Pthalo Blue.

So I tried the wet-into-wet wash that I hadn't been able to do before.  *BOOM*  These colors melted into each other!  This scan doesn't do the colors justice.  This picture is the result of wetting the page, adding a small (very small) amount of paint and letting them flow together.  I didn't do anything else.  I may just leave this since it's in my workbook book.

I'm not going to abandon my Koi watercolors by any means.  I'm very happy with them, but now I know their limits.  This next picture is done with a mix of the Koi and M. Graham.   I'm not doing much here, but playing with the flow of the colors, seeing how they do alone and then when mixed. (Those little birds are an exercise you often see to be used for this).

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