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Link to Tessallation Method

hitsjustme, aka Liz T, has posted some instructions on creating a tessallation pattern.  Check it out!

Link to tangle pattern Sugarcane

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions for her tangle pattern Sugarcane, as well as a link to a YouTube video of Marie Browning demonstrating how she uses Tombow pens to color her zentangles.  Aah!  I promised hubby I'd clean the kitchen floor today, so I must wait to view it.  Curses on kitchen floors!

Suzanne also revealed that an updated version of Sandy Bartholomew's Alphatangles is in.  Even though she says you can order it from Design Originals, I didn't find it so she may not have the link up yet.

My tangle pattern "Nogybess"

Okay, if you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know I have a thing for words.  Or as it turns out, even non-words.  There is just something about the sight and sound of certain words, that I find incredibly appealing.  Sometimes even those confirmation words.  The ones you have to type in  to leave a comment on blogger.   
The other day, I had to type out this confirmation word--Nogybess.  It was instant love, and I just couldn't wait to create a tangle so I could use it.  Since it is my non-word, I get to create the pronunciation (the sound is very important), and it's NO as in know, GHEE as in geese, and Bess as in the name Bess.  Just think.  A few moments ago, Nogybess meant nothing.  Now it's a tangle.
And about this tangle.  It's advanced.  I've actually had it for a while, trying to think of a way to make it easier, but nothing has come.  It's those slanted lines.  Some people may prefer to switch steps 3 and 4.   Try to keep the slanted…

Venntangle Challenge

ptrish40 has issued a Venntangle Challenge

Here's my attempt. 

As an aside, this was done in new journal, a 5.5" x 5.5" Earth Care Sketch Book by Grandluxe, that I bought last week.   I like it.  The only drawback I've seen so far is that there is nothing in the description that says archival or acid-free.  There's some shadowing show-through with heavy Pitt pen, but no bleed through.

Link to tangle pattern Yupici

hiitsjustmee, aka Liz T., has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Yupici".

Link to tangle patterns "Mullane" and "StarzBarz"

JayCadian202 has posted instructions to her tangle patterns, "Mullane" and "StarzBarz".

Link to tangle pattern Quiltz

Head on over to and see the tangle pattern, "Quiltz", created by Kym Barlow.

Link to tangle pattern "Ace"

s_j_60010, aka Sue Jacobs, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Ace" and "Looby Loo".

Link to tangle patterns Drop Strand and Paperboats

Idiko has posted a couple of new tangle patterns,  "Drop Strand" and "Paperboats".

Link to tangle pattern "Fuzzy String"

Cindy Angiel, aka Paint Chip, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Fuzzy String".

Link to tangle patterns Wellestil and Jugenstil

Perfectly4med aka Neil Burley has posted instructions to his patterns, "Wellenstil" and "Jugenstil".

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #15-my attempt

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #15: Love your Curves, Baby was to use only curved lines.
I thought this might be a difficult challenge for me right now, because I'm really into my straight lines at the moment, and I always have to be contrary--which means trying to give the illusion of straight lines with all those curves. 
However, squirkling works well for shading (so I didn't even have to use a pencil for that).  It goes fast, and if you keep running your curved lines together, you do create the illusion of straight lines.  So, here 'tis!

My tangle pattern Hydra

First, the challenge to join Lone Creature-you can find her post here.  Click on the picture to go to her "Nature's Construct" post directly.
You may be a bit confused, looking at Melissa's photo, and then at the pattern I created.  I decided to do a bit of brainstorming as well, and talk about the nature of creating pattern steps.  They aren't a study in realism.  The point is not produce steps that recreate the source of the pattern!
So what is the point?  First and foremost, to create pattern steps that anyone can follow.  Traditional zentangle calls for 6 steps or less.
Second, the point is to take elements from your source, stylize them, and use them with repetition and symmetry to create a pattern.  Any pattern that meets the first criteria.
I decided to ignore the most obvious elements-the cone shape and repeating petals.  Or did I?  I stylized the cone into a triangular shape, and mirrored it into four quadrants. If you look closely (I recommend checking the …

Weekly Challenge #15: Love your Curves, Baby

Laura Harms' challenge #15 is Love Your Curves, Baby.  Check it out!

Link to new tangle Floatfest

Carole Ohl has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Floatfest".

Link to tangles Classe, Dessus-Dessous, Pointu, Vitrail, and Demi variations.

Geneviève Crabe has posted instructions to her tangles "Classe", "Dessus-Dessous", "Pointu", "Vitrail", and some variations on "Demi".

Link to link of tangle pattern Wisket, lol

Linda Farmer has posted my tangle "Wisket" at  She's showing a couple of variations, that I think are most excellent.  Check them out.  She's got the link to my original so you can check it out as well, if you aren't familiar with it.  Hmmmm....jumping from blog to blog.

Maybe for Halloween next year we should do some kind of scavenger hunt--differnt blogs post 1 step to a pattern, and have a clue to the blog where the next step will be or something.  Everybody wins if you follow the blogs because you get the whole pattern.   It's a thought!

Link to tangle pattern Huca

SkinnyStrayCat, aka Livia, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Huca".

Link to tangle pattern Flamingo

Gabriele, at Gakis-blog, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Flamingo".

Lonecreature's challenge-Create a pattern

LoneCreature, aka Melissa, has posted a challenge to create a new pattern.  I'm having some problems with blogger, so it may be a couple of days before I get mine posted but you just know I'm not going to miss out on this one!

Link to tangle pattern Semaphore

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Semaphore".

Link to tangle patterns Decodome, Decomonds,Decobricks and Decostar

Neil Burley has posted instructions to four new patterns, "Decodomes", "Decomonds","Decobricks", and "Decostar".

Link to tangle pattern Versa

Laura Harms has posted instructions to her new tangle pattern, "Versa".

Link to tangle patterns ""8-Dot Center Piece" and "Tess Flower"

Paintchipm aka Cindy Angiel, has posted the instructions to her tangle "8-Dot Center Piece" and MafêMavromati  has posted instructions to "Tess Flower".

Link to tangle patterns "Linked Hearts", "Spires", "Fancy Flight", "Pendant", "Threaded", and "Flames"

Sande aka Sandra LaFaut has posted instructions to six more patterns--"Linked Hearts", "Spires", "Fancy Flight", "Pendant", "Threaded", "and Flames"

Link to tangle pattern Yabbut

Margaret Bremner has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Yabbut".

Weekly Challenge #14-Walk the line: My attempt

5"x5" GlobalArts Handbook.  Micron Pigma pen and Pitt Fat brush pen.Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #14-"I walk the line" is to do a tangle using only straight lines. I'm contrary, so I had to use the lines to try and suggest curves, lol.  But I kept them strait (well, as straight as my lines ever are, lol!).  Even my shading was done in straight lines only.

Link to tangle patterns "Double-Diamonds" and "Underwing"

Sande's really been busy!  She posted instructions to two more patterns, "Double-Diamonds" and "Underwing".

Link to tangle pattern "Pwizzles"

Molly Bee, aka Melinda, has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Pwizzles".

Link to tangle pattern "Cowrie", and "Yakity Yak

Sandra LaFaut has posted the instructions to her tangle patterns, "Cowrie",  and "Yakity Yak".

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #14 - I walk the line.  Straight lines only.  If you want to use one of the curlier tangles you need to adapt to straight lines.  Oh no!  I'm really going to have trouble with this one!

New way to organize your tangles

I know that organizing all the various tangles is something all dedicated tanglers deal with, so I wanted to make sure you know that CZT, Mary Elizabeth is now offering her tangle/pattern chips for sale.  It's an interesting and unique way to keep track of your tangles.

You can find the information about her Etsy site here, and more about the card chips here.

Scratchboard and the art of Patrick Arrasmith

I use to do quite a bit of work on scratchboard--a layer of clay is laid down on paper or board, and then a layer of ink is laid over that.  You use an exacto knife or other pointed instrument to scratch lines in the ink. 

It's fairly spendy, hard to find, and if you aren't careful (which I never am, lol) you get ink dust in your eyes, leaving them gritty.  But I love the look you get from the medium. 

Lately, I've been reading "The Last Apprentice" series.  It's a young adult fantasy series (a genre that I enjoy), but it's the illustrations that attracted me.  Patrick Arrasmith works on scratchboard, and I just love his art.  It's been an influence of late.  Even though it isn't zentangle, the very nature of medium gives it a similar feel, so I thought a lot of you might enjoy checking out his site.

I couldn't stand it and dug up one of the claybord (the clay and ink are laid over board, rather than paper) panels I had, and tangled it.  Had…

Link to tangle pattern "Partay"

Margaret Bremner has posted instructions for a new tangle called "Partay".

My tangle pattern U-Vee

Almost spring break!  Time to start worrying about those ultraviolet rays.  But don't slather on so much protection that you miss out on this "U-Vee" tangle, lol!

Link to tangle pattern "Deco Border"

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to "Deco Border", as well as a link to a zentangle show.

Link to tangle patterns "Aztec" and "Atura".

Perfectly4med, aka Neil Burley, has posted instructions to two more of his tangle patterns,
"Aztec" and "Atura".

Link to tangle pattern "Looby Loo"

CZT, Sue Jacobs has posted instructions to her tangle pattern, "Looby Loo".

Weekly Challenge #13-my attempt

Ooh!  Getting old gets old real fast!  The Weekly Challenge #13: Non-dominatrix was a lot more difficult than I anticipated.  I've obviously gone too long without using my right hand for drawing, (I'm am left-biased, but use my right hand for almost as many things as I do my right).  I was surprised at how slow I had to go, and my hand started cramping.  Way, way, way back when, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was young, I used to paint mirror images using both hands at once (they weren't that good mind you, but it was fun). 
I did the entire picture with my right hand--even writing the title. The writing was a little easier than the drawing.  I expected to be heavier handed, but I was surprised at how difficult it was to draw the short lines.  The long ones weren't too bad, but the short ones went all over the place. Well, you know what they say--use it or lose it.

But the good thing about this is that I realized I should try new tangles I create with my right…

Weekly Challenge #13

Drink your energy booster, strap on your back belt, and steel your will--Laura Harms' Weekly challenge #13-Non-Dominatrix.  She's challenging us to use our non-dominant hand!

Heh-heh-heh!  Little does she know that I'm partly ambidextrous.  I think I would have been full on if my teachers in grade school weren't so determined that I was left-handed--mostly because I obviously wasn't right-handed.  They insisted I always use my left hand, and after a while it took.

Let's see if I can make good on my boast.  I recommend a lot of squirkling with this one.

Link to tangle patterns "Spiral String" and "DiamondZ", "Circo"

Paint Chip aka Cindy Angiel has posted the instructions to her pattern, "Spiral String" and Perfectly4Med aka Neil Burley has posted instructions for "DiamondZ", "Circo".

Link to review of Lama Li Passport Journal

I happened on this review of Lama Li Passport Journals at All My Hues, and thought many of you might find it of interest.  The reviewer, Tejal also has reviews on inks and pens and pencils, so it's a site you might want to spend some time with.

If you decide to order a LamaLi journal, be sure you know which one you are getting.  They vary considerably, and you may be disappointed if you are expecting one and get another one. 

They are all made with handmade paper from the Lokta shrub, but the thickness and tooth is quite different. 

The Passport Journal-softcover, thin but tough paper.  Some shadowing on the back with heavy or wet ink, but no bleed through.  About 30 pages.  See Tejal's wonderful review for more information on this particular type. 

The Flower journal-almost the same as the Passport but it has a hardcover.  It doesn't lie flat.

The Travel Journal-softcover, but thicker and awesome looking.  The paper is problematical.  It looks like newsprint but is tou…

Link to tangle patterns-Barbed Wire, J-Burst & Round-peg Square

Paint Chip, aka Cindy Angiel, has posted instructions to five lovely patterns - "Barbed Wire", "J-Burst" & "Round-peg Square". Enjoy!

My tangle pattern "OOfos"

This pattern reminds me of a cluster of UFOs dancing through the sky. I don't know if it's still the fashion, but in my day the word was pronounced oo-foes. And there you have the title!

Usually before I post tangle steps I go through the ZT books and Freehand Doodle patterns and a few other places to see if anyone else has done it. The brain tends to glaze over after a while, and since I've been working on getting my Who's Where in Zentangle blog going, I went much faster than usual. Please let me know if someone else has done this one. It's awfully simple, but sometimes those are the ones that get missed.

Link to tangle pattern "Windu"

Mafê Mavromati has posted instructions to tangle pattern, "Windu".  She's also created a mosaic of patterns with links to them, that she'll be updating each week.  Check it out!

Link to tangle patterns "B's Border" & "Crossblock"

Newcomer to the zentangle world, Beth Skipper has posted instructions to two tangles she's created, "B's Border" & "Crossblock".

Who's Where in Zentangle blog-Please read if you are interested

Pass the word, please-the Who's Where blog now has listings (28 so far).
I believe I have posted all the people who have already asked to be added to the blog.

I changed my mind a lot concerning layout and what to post. Please check to see if you are listed and if I need to make any corrections. You can find the blog at

If you want any changes, please email them to me at

The Search gadget doesn't seem to be working, but I'm trying to fix that.

If you aren't listed and want to be, please:

1. go to the blog

2. open the START HERE... page --

3. Copy the list on the page into a text editor (word, notepad, etc)

4. Fill in the information you want listed. You can delete the labels for the things you don't want (for example, if you don't have a blog or website, just delete BLOGs/WEBSITES.)

5. Email the filled out information to:


Link to 4 tangle patterns-Talbert, Richardson, Quatrefoil, Westminster

Perfectly4Med aka Neil Burley has posted 4 new patterns:


Link to tangle pattern "Peacock Tail"

Suzanne McNeil has posted the instructions to her tangle pattern "Peacock Tail".

Who's Where in Zentangle

Okay.  I think I'm about ready to start adding people to the "Who's Where in Zentangle" blog, unless I hear something compelling about a reason not to do this within the next day or so.  (Lol!  Don't I sound decisive?  "I think...", "Unless..."  Always hedge your bets.  That's my philosophy!).

I've created a page at the site, called "Start Here".  You'll find it to the right, and it has a list of the information that I think would be pertinent without being too much info.  People can copy the list, fill in the info, and email to me.  I've set up an email just for this:

It would be nice to have this set up with links and emails, but I think it would be dangerous too, due to the spammers and info harvesters of the world, so I'm asking people to format their emails a certain way, and I'm not going set up links.  However, I will be cutting and pasting directly from the emails, so what …

Link to 4 tangle patterns-Lucky Horseshoes, Gold Coins, Rainbow & Field of Clover

ASE Knits n Crochets aka Anita Elmore has posted instructions to her patterns "Lucky Horseshoes", "Gold Coins", "Rainbow" & "Field of Clover".

Link to 5 tangle patterns-"Westeye", "Acgt", "Pinho", "OWO", and "Queen of Hearts"

Mafê Mavromati has posted 5 beautiful new patterns:  "Westeye", "Acgt", "Pinho", "OWO", and "Queen of Hearts".

Link to tangle patterns "Lucky Charms", "Heartbeat","CityScape Border","Braces" & "Fishnet Stocking"

Paint Chip, aka Cindy, has posted instructions to five lovely patterns - "Lucky Charms", "Heartbeat","CityScape Border","Braces" & "Fishnet Stocking".  Enjoy!

More on List of Who's Who

Re: the list of Who's Who, after considerable dinking around yesterday, and observing the type of information that I was getting from people, it occurred to me that it might be easier to start a blog, just for this list.  I did, entering only my name for now. 

Who's Where in Zentangle

Before I go much further I wanted a little input.  Can anyone see a reason why this isn't a good idea? 

My reasoning:
It won't be as difficult to find as a list on my LifeImitatesDoodles Blog.
Each person would have their own post.  They can have as much or as little info as they like.
I can add a search function so people can easily look for a specific person.
I could add tags if people want, like CZT or ETSY so people could look for people with that designation.  (People will have to ask for the tags they want).
I can paste what people send me, directly into the blog instead of typing it up.
If there is a correction or question people can comment under the person's name.
I won'…

Check out Beez in the Belfrey for some good links

Sandy Bartholomew just made a couple of posts on her Beez in the Belfrey blog. She's having a book-signing party, and she has some links to a review of "Totally Tangled" and to a free downloadable e-book on journaling techniques, which includes her article from Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine two years ago.  (It's got tangles, and lots of information about zentangling).

Link to tangle pattern "Wicker-work"

Fat-quarter aka Annet has posted instructions to her tangle pattern "Wicker-work".

Anyone interested in a List of Names?

I have the worst memory for names.  I find that I spend a lot of time scouring through blogs, and profiles, and old emails trying to find someone's name before crediting them or emailing them.  And I'm often surprised when I discover that my friend, Whosit, on Flickr, turns out to also be my friend, Whatsit, on her blog.

Listkeeper that I am, I've started up a spreadsheet (gotta love those spreadsheets) where I'm keeping a list of names, but it occurred to me that other people might be interested in something like that.  So I'm thinking about starting a sort of Who's Who and Where blog page.  The page wouldn't be fancy, because I'm a klutz at computerese, but it'd be updated fairly regularly.  Anyone interested?

Now, not everyone wants their name pasted for all to see, so no one will be added to this list unless they ask to be.  So if you want to be listed, just me the information here or email me  Please give me all …

Links to Zentangle Glossary and Really Cool Grid Papers

stART aka Christina Vandervlist, CZT has created a Zentangle Glossary.

Another new CZT,  JayCadian202 supplied this link to, where you can find these really cool Grid Paper PDFs.  It has graph papers for squares, triangles, circles, hexagons, octagons, bricks, celtic interlace, perspective, and writing.  There is a graph generator that allows you to set the grids to inches or centimeters, as well deciding what document size and what grid spacing you want.  This site is fun!

Weekly Challenge #12-my attempt

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #12 was Something Blue.  I've been having some scanner problems with color (with my PC *?!?*! Durn thing froze up 3 times yesterday!), especially blue, so I was a bit worried how this would scan.  I really blued it up, so it looks okay.
This ZIA is also the example for my tangle pattern "Silly Border".

My tangle pattern "Silly Border"

This was a hard tangle to draw up because it sprawls so much!

Don't feel bound by a two circle, one circle--you can have as many circles as you like! There's no set path. They can meander about the page whereever they want to go.

Please see my next post-Weekly Challenge #12: Something Blue-for the example using this tangle.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I wanted to keep it separate since Laura puts the responses in a slide show.

Weekly Challenge #12-"Something Blue"

Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #12 is "Something Blue".  Hmmm.  My scanner's having trouble with blue.  I may have to heap it on, to really get it to show.  Should be interesting!

Link to tangle pattern "Banana Leaf" & some videos

Suzanne McNeil's latest post has instructions for her tangle, "Banana Leaf", as well a link to video on using stamping with zentangle, and some information about online tutorials.

And speaking of links to other links, I had meant to post one yesterday.  Leslierahye posted a link to a tutorial she did on zentangle at Robi@night.    You need to scroll down to the bottom of the post for the link.

It's a long video, and Leslie doesn't appear until about 1/3 of the way in.  She covers some of the reasoning behind the Zentangle method, and shows how to draw Sooflower, Tipple, Swarm, Ahh, Laced and Btl Joos.

Link to tangle patterns "Mouse Ears" and "Hainah"

Sande LaFaut has posted steps to her pattern "Mouse Ears" and  Ildiko has posted steps to "Hainah"

My tangle pattern "GingerBee"

This pattern was inspired by a photo of a Beehive Ginger plant.  Did you know that Ginger comes in about a bazillion varieties and shapes?  Nature is so awesome!
Even though I show this as a flower shape, and used it that way in my example, it would be easy to just keep on going and use this as a border or string. 

Link to tangle pattern "Swalls"

Carol Taylor has posted instructions to a cool new pattern, "Swalls".

My original attempt at Weekly Challenge #11

My scanner seems to be having trouble with color, so I had to take a photograph *cringes*
This was my original attempt at doing a Cadent in Cadent for Laura Harms' Weekly Challenge #11.  The color still isn't correct, but at least it resembles what I did.